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Support / Site planning

Read and follow all instructions in your Assembly Manual before using your trampoline, and do not use the trampoline in any way that is not described in the manual. Responsibility rests with the owner and supervisors of the trampoline to make sure that all users are aware of the practices specified in the manual.

Choosing the right location

Place the trampoline on a flat, level surface with impact attenuating properties – such as grass. Ensure that the trampoline is sufficiently stable, to prevent the trampoline from tipping over or blowing away. Sandbags or pegs may be suitable anchorage devices.

Keep a minimum of 8m overhead clearance, when measured from the bed height, to prevent users from inadvertently contacting overhead hazards – such as electric wires, tree limbs and clotheslines.

Maintain a minimum clearance of 2m on all sides of the trampoline. This area should not include concrete, bitumen, brick or other hard surfaces, as these can cause serious injuries if users fall off the trampoline.

Do not locate the trampoline on top of other objects or store anything underneath the trampoline bed. Keep the area around and underneath the trampoline clear. Place the trampoline away from walls, structures, fences and other play areas.

Place the trampoline in a well-lit area. For care and maintenance, use and behaviour and assembly instructions, locate your relevant Vuly Assembly Manual here.

Safety Checks

Perform every checking procedure before using the trampoline:

Place your trampoline on impact-absorbing surfaces avoiding overhead obstructions.

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