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Choosing the Best Bike for Kids

There are many different stages in your children's relationship with bicycles that they go through during their lives. From the early stages of learning to ride to getting a bike that is fit to take them on long adventures. This article is about choosing the best bike for kids at each stage of their journey. 

When just starting to learn to ride, the best bike for kids to learn the basic skills needed to ride a bike is a Balance Bike. The Balance bike teaches kids how to sit on the bike seat and start getting used to balancing on the bike and keeping it upright. Vuly’s 12” Balance Bike is suitable for 2 - 4 year olds and will guide them through the earliest learning stages of their bike riding journey.

Similar to a balance bike, bikes with training wheels give your children an extra degree of support during their bike riding learning phase. Vuly Sell bikes with training wheels from 12” for 2 - 4 year olds all the way up to 16” for 3 - 6 year olds. The difference with these bikes is that they come with pedals and will get your children more accustomed to sitting on the bike and riding.  

Once your children get a little bit older and are used to riding a bike without training wheels Vuly have a number of different options. The best bikes for kids at this stage depends on what type of riding they are going to do and what their interests are. 

If your children are more adventurous and want to practice doing stunts and riding in skate parks, the best bike will be one of Vuly’s BMX Bikes. Vuly’s 20” BMX Bikes are designed to allow your children to start practicing tricks and come with a range of features including rear pegs, oversized handlebars and a small front sprocket which is great for dropping into skateparks without hitting the coping. 


For kids that want to ride the distance and go on longer biking journeys or even ride their bike to school, the best bike would be one of Vuly’s range of Mountain Bikes. Vuly make 20” mountain bikes for kids ages 6 - 9 and 24” mountain bikes for kids aged 8 - 11+. These bikes have features that are designed for safety and distance riding as they grow older and want to go on their own cycling adventures. A suspension fork designed to take big impacts and cable disc brakes are just two of the features that make Vuly’s Mountain Bikes the best bikes for kids that are ready to take their biking adventures off road. 

Choosing the best bike for your kids can be a hard job but with Vuly’s complete range of bikes there is a bike for every stage of your kids journey. 

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