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Monkey Bars

Why buy through a Vuly Authorised Reseller?

Heading into a Authorised Reseller of Vuly trampolines is a great alternative to buying online.

Get genuine products from a vuly reseller.

1. Get genuine products.

Buying from an Authorised Reseller means that you're getting a genuine, quality Vuly trampoline. Shopping elsewhere could mean that you're buying a lower-quality imitation!

Get genuine products from a vuly reseller.

2. Try before you buy.

You could be far away from the Vuly Showroom, but you're not far from an Authorised Reseller with a demo model! Bounce and test our trampolines before making your decision.

Get genuine products from a vuly reseller.
Get genuine products from a vuly reseller.

3. Walk out with your trampoline.

Don't wait for your new trampoline to be delivered! Heading into an Authorised Reseller means that you can walk out with your new Vuly trampoline then and there.

Get genuine products from a vuly reseller.

4. Access Vuly benefits.

Purchases through Authorised Resellers entitle you to access our Half-Price Parts for Life programme and exceptional Vuly warranty.

Get genuine products from a vuly reseller.


Look for the Vuly authorised badge

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  • Know you are buying a genuine Vuly product you can trust through our authorised resellers.

    We guarantee the trampolines, monkey bars, swing sets and bikes are the same as buying them straight from our showroom without the need of travelling to our HQ or waiting for delivery online.

  • Buying from one of our Vuly Authorised Resellers, you'll reap the same Vuly benefits of buying straight from our showroom. Get access to our Half-Price Parts for life programme and don't wait for delivery, walk out with your Vuly trampoline then and there!

  • We have partnered with some of Australia's biggest suppliers to have our Vuly outdoor play equipment near you. You can find a Vuly authorised reseller here.

  • Our Warranty and Returns Policy are the same as purchasing straight from our showroom.

    Remember to register your Vuly product to make warranty claims.

    Register here and view all our warranty information here.

  • Want to partner with Australia's best trampolines, swing sets, bikes, and monkey bars?
    If you are interested in becoming an authorised reseller, call 1300 667 514 or fill out our online form.

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