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Lift Pro Trampoline 

Lift Pro New in 2016

Jump into a new way of life.

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Experience the Vuly Diference

Vuly continues to set the standard in trampolines with Lift Pro. While its innovations may inspire duplicates, but it's never beaten on design, bounce and quality.

Watch the trampoline video
Watch our Lift Pro trampoline video.

Gentle Terylene net.

Protect yourself in an enclosure that's also easy on the skin.

Forget spring injuries.

Fast, one-way access.

Get in and out through door that's easy to open, but quick to self-close.


Ultra-fine for little digits.

Keep hands and feet safe, with tight mesh that doesn't catch or tear.


No spring contact.

Forget spring or frame injuries; they're totally outside the contact area.

Bouncers are always protected with Lift Pro’s Terylene enclosure.

Premium frame finish.

Protect against corrosion – with twice-dipped galvanisation, matte black powder coating and heat treatment.


Two-tiered spring system.

Boost momentum on springs that engage based on weight and that use tapered ends, thicker hooks and chromate conversion coating to prevent breakage.

Two-tiered spring system for better bouncing.

UV-resistant safety padding

Keep safe with double-sided Bisonyl that won't fade or disintegrate.

Flip between Classic Blue and Cool Grey!

UV and weather-resistant safety padding.

Non-slip for added protection

Connect the padding securely to the springs with strong, PVC loops.

Now with drainage holes.

Watch video

Zero nuts and bolts.

Put together 8-10 different parts just by clicking them together.



100,000 recoils

on our test machine, at 100 kg.

Strong and sturdy frame.

Have fun without restraint on a dual-ringed foundation of thick steel.



500 test hours

for resistance to UV rays

in a long term UV Accelerator

Certified for 150 kg.

Let even parents bounce. Weight capacities for most trampolines are 115 kg or less.



40,000 bounces

on our test machine.

A frame free of nuts and bolts.

A lifetime of trampoline games.

Create the perfect games centre with the unique HexVex™ Game Mat.

Keep in mind...
The paint on your HexVex Game Mat may wear off over time. Simply wipe fading paint with a cloth and water to prevent transfer onto skin. Pressure on the jumping mat causes the paint to stretch and crack. The 'wearing off' effect occurs in some trampolines sooner than others, depending on the conditions in which the paint was applied, usage levels and weather conditions.

Hours of fun with trampoline games.
Still the only trampolines with games printed right beneath your feet.



Trampoline width

S: 254cm   M: 311cm  
L: 380cm   XL: 431cm


Safety Net height

S: 180cm   M: 180cm  
L: 180cm   XL: 180cm


Mat width

S: 191cm   M: 256cm  
L: 314cm   XL: 373cm


Frame width

S: 255cm   M: 313cm  
L: 381cm   XL: 428cm


Mat height

S: 91cm   M: 91cm  
L: 91cm   XL: 91cm


Trampoline height

S: 292cm   M: 292cm  
L: 292cm   XL: 292cm


Trampoline weight: 79.3kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Coil spring count: 48


Box A (1x)
(L) 1200mm (W) 470mm (H) 245mm

Box B (1x)
(L) 1140mm (W) 385mm (H) 215mm


Trampoline weight: 100.6kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Coil spring count: 63


Box A (1x)
(L) 760mm (W) 390mm (H) 460mm

Box B (1x)
(L) 1000mm (W) 470mm (H) 165mm

Box C (1x)
(L) 1140mm (W) 280mm (H) 240mm


Trampoline weight: 123.1kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Coil spring count: 72


Box A (1x)
(L) 800mm (W) 425mm (H) 180mm

Box B (1x)
(L) 1000mm (W) 415mm (H) 225mm

Box C (1x)
(L) 1140mm (W) 300mm (H) 200mm

Box D (1x)
(L) 760mm (W) 360mm (H) 400mm

Extra Large

Trampoline weight: 142.4kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Coil spring count: 90


Box A (1x)
(L) 870mm (W) 460mm (H) 410mm

Box B (1x)
(L) 800mm (W) 330mm (H) 220mm

Box C (1x)
(L) 1140mm (W) 310mm (H) 205mm

Box D (1x)
(L) 1000mm (W) 500mm (H) 215mm

Incredible warranties

Vuly guarantees that Lift Pro is free of manufacturing faults and defects for:

10 year warranty
Frame Tubes
and Joiner Poles
5 year warranty
Springs and Jump Mat
(excluding print)
1 year warranty
Safety Net,
Net Poles and Safety Pads
3 year warranty
Safety Net, Net Poles, Safety Pads extended warranty available for $249

Half-Price Parts for Life

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Half price trampoline spare parts.

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    Become a basketball hero on your trampoline.


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  • Get shelter from the sun, with plenty of
    open air in your trampoline.

    From $99.99

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  • Learn tricks from the safety of your trampoline.


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  • Ladder

    Get on your Vuly trampoline with ease.


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  • Prevent injuries beneath your Vuly trampoline.

    From $79.99

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  • Anchor Kit

    Secure your Vuly trampoline to the ground.


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  • Water Mister

    The only way to stay cool on your trampoline.


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  • Vuly Leveller

    Accept no limits on where you
    assemble your Vuly trampoline.


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