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Monkey Bars
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Calling all toy inventors!


Vuly Play is an Australian owned and run, outdoor play equipment company. Based in Brisbane, Vuly has been at the global forefront of innovative engineering for trampolines, swing sets, monkey bars, basketball hoops, kids bikes and many other outdoor play products.

Vuly has successfully launched various products throughout Australia, Europe and North America. Partnering with famous names such as Toys R Us, Hamleys, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Sam’s Club, Mr Toys Toyworld, 99 Bikes and many more as well as a direct to consumer strategy. We pride ourselves on being a premier partner for any inventor. At Vuly we can get your concept out into the hands of thousands of children as we have done before!

Your idea could be our next big project.


Vuly’s mission for the Toy Invention Program is to invite toy inventors from across the globe to submit their creative ideas for the next big, new product. At Vuly we are experienced in production and creating prototype’s into successful marketable products. We are seeking to invest in expanding our brand and global presence by working with toy creators to produce more innovative and exciting products.


• Any toy related concept or product idea
• Innovative design
• Not restricted to outdoor play (we will look at all games, digital, baby toys etc.)
• Detailed presentation so we can truly understand how the invention works
• Videos of concepts are always helpful
• Sample prototype is highly desirable but not required

Please provide as much detail as possible so we have the best opportunity to review your submission! You will need to include a detailed description of the invention listing; its purpose, how it works and what benefits it has. In addition to this, please attach any relevant documentation, videos, photos and graphic/illustrations. If your invention is already protected by a patent, please include this with your submission.

We can’t wait to see your amazing creations!



You can submit images, videos, and PDF's

Please ensure you read the below terms and conditions carefully. By submitting your invention, it serves as an acceptance of these terms.
  1. All inventors who submit their ideas to Vuly must be the true inventor of the concept and must own all the rights to the concept.
  2. All inventors must first sign the NDA form before uploading their submission and understand their submission will be bound by this agreement.
  3. If you have previously sold the product, please include details regarding where the item was sold, quantity and reported revenue from the product.
  4. If your submission is patented, please include the details of the patent protection in your submission.
  5. You assert that your submission does not include any confidential information, trade secrets, or other intellectual property of any other person or party nor does it violate any existing intellectual property.
  6. You are at least 18 years of age and can enter into a legal binding agreement.
  7. All inventors acknowledge and agree that Vuly is free to assess, value, use and prototype any or all ideas provided, for the purpose of determining whether to progress with the invention.
  8. All inventor’s accept that no other entity or persons has any rights related to your submission or owns any royalties to your submission.
  9. You understand that your submission and all information provided will be reviewed by Vuly to assess whether it is a suitable product for our company. If Vuly determines they wish to pursue your submission, you will be contacted within approximately one month.
  10. You acknowledge Vuly are under no obligation to respond to your submission, provide you with any notice or use your submission.
  11. The review of your submission does not affect novelty, priority, or inventiveness of any existing or future intellectual property rights and does not create any prejudice to challenge any future or existing rights.
  12. You understand that Vuly is constantly working on developing new research and development ideas and there is a probability that some of the submissions Vuly receive may be similar to ideas, concepts and potential products Vuly have or in future will produce.
  13. You acknowledge that Vuly is free to produce, use or manufacture any potential product idea in the public domain.
  14. All inventors acknowledge and agree that by submitting your invention/idea, if Vuly selects your submission for production you will assign all Intellectual Property Rights over to Vuly and effect all requirements of such assignment.
  15. If your submission is selected by Vuly, there will be further agreements entered into for the invention which will be for a fixed amount.

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