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Kids Ride-On Cars

Introduce your little one to their first ride-on car with our new range of Vuly Mini Cars! Your kids will love getting "behind the wheel" with their very own Vuly ride-on car available in a fun range of colours! Ride in style with a detachable roof for a true convertible experience.

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We know you’re excited to get your hands on Vuly’s ride-on cars, but while you wait for their launch, why not read on to find out more about our product!

What is a Ride-On Car?

A ride-on car is one of the favourite choices when it comes to ride-on toys. With many choices from electric to non-electric options, your kids or toddlers can have their own fun behind the wheel.

  • Electric ride-on cars - These cars can generally be found in 12v or 24v models. These ride-on vehicles give your kid the real on-road experience, with an electric motor allowing them to steer around their play area! 
  • Non-electric ride-on cars - Non-electric ride-on cars are perfect for toddlers and can usually be controlled in 2 ways; push ride-on or kick ride-on. 

Vuly Play’s range of ride-on cars for kids are non-electrical and come with a detachable handle so you can push your kids around. The floorboard is also removable to turn it into a kick ride-on car, so your kid can have the best of both worlds.

What Age Are Ride-On Cars For?

Ride-on cars can be suited for toddlers from 12months or older. However, our Vuly mini-cars are suited for toddlers 18 months and older to ensure they can enjoy their first car to the fullest!

Benefits of Choosing Vuly's Ride-on Cars for Kids

There are already a range of benefits of buying a ride-on car for your child but buying buying one from Vuly , you'll be sure to buy from a reputable and award-winning brand. Our kids ride-on cars are made with high-quality material and designed right here in Australia. With a detachable push handle, you can choose who takes control. 

Best Kids Ride-On Car

Best Kids Car 2 ride on cars -Vuly Play.jpg

Ride-on cars can come in many shapes and sizes and finding the right car for your little one can be overwhelming with all these options. To find the best one for your kid, you need to consider a few things like their age, their height and whether you want an electric or non-electric ride-on car.

Are Ride-on Cars Safe?

Ride-on Cars are safe for your kids given you follow all the safety instructions and recommendations. To ensure your kids are having fun, injury-free, make sure you:

  • consider the size of the ride-on car compared to your child
  • don't leave them unattended
  • ensure they have a safe place to ride their cars. This includes making sure they aren't near any stairs or objects that can cause them to fall
  • Show your child how to use the ride-on toy. Most kids are visual learners so what better way than to show them how it’s done

If they do injure themselves, make sure you're there to pick them up and assess the situation.

Buying Australia’s Best Ride-On Cars For Kids

If you’re looking for a reliable and safe ride-on car for your child, you can count on Vuly Play! Our new range of Vuly mini-cars are designed by an award-winning team and tried & tested to ensure it’s made to the highest quality. Watch this space so you can be the first to buy a ride-on car your kids will enjoy!

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