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Kids Balance Bikes

Kids balance bikes are the perfect transition between a scooter and a standard push bike.

They are the great gift for a preschooler, toddler or kids that simply want to move a little faster around the neighbourhood.

Getting a balance bike makes sure your toddler or kid can have fun on two wheels, even if they have no experience riding a bike.

This makes them the perfect outdoor toy for first time bike riders, allowing an easier first step to get your toddler or kid independently riding.

Two kids riding their balance bikes

What is a Balance Bike / Toddler Bike?

A balance bike (also sometimes called a toddler bike) looks just like a standard kids bicycle but it’s often designed with a smaller frame for very young kids or toddlers.

Unlike other bikes, balance bikes also don't include a traditional chain drive for the back wheel.

They also don't use a set of pedals, being designed to help kids perfect their balance and push themselves along.

If you find that your child isn’t adapting well to traditional pedals, a balance bike can be the perfect transition between a non-pedal device (like kids scooters) and a traditional bike experience.

Components of a Balance Bike

When you’re choosing the best balance bike for your sale, there’s a number of components that are highly important for parents to consider.

The first main component include the frame, which needs to be appropriately sized. The bike seat height should be roughly 1 to 1.5 inches below your child’s inseam.

This also means having a seat that’s adjusted appropriately in relation to the frame.

Most frames are designed for a 12 to 14 inch tyre. This means they are optimised for smaller bodies.

Older kids over the age of 4 are likely going to be too big for standard balance bike frames. However, there are a few speciality balance bikes available that can accommodate larger children, using frames with 20 inch tyres.

The weight of the frame also needs to be considered. Many balance bikes are designed with a lighter frame than a traditional bikes and it’s important to get a bike that doesn’t weigh more than 30% of your child’s total weight.

Anything heavier will make it balancing a difficult activity.

Tyre quality can also be very important on these bikes. Some of the cheaper bikes have a foam tyres. Although a foam tire will never go flat, it can often have extremely low traction and this can make it difficult to ride the bike on certain surfaces.

Air tyres can be a little more expensive but it’s often one of the best and most comfortable rides for kids. Usually it also allows for a smoother transition to regular bikes (with air tyres).

Girl sitting on her balance bike with helmet

Braking systems are another important configuration you’ll need to consider.

Most balance bikes don’t have a hand-brake like a regular bike. They usually utilise a backpedal brake, which involves the child pedalling backwards in order to start braking.

Handbrake’s are available on some more expensive balance bikes, but they often require some extra instruction and practice for your kids to manage.

Some balance bikes also have turning limiters that can be found along the handlebar. This prevents the balance bike wheel in doing a full revolution.

Top-quality handlebars, a good seat and a light, yet strong frame are some of the parts you should review when purchasing a balance bike.

Aluminium is usually the most common type of balance bike frame. This material has the perfect combination of sturdiness and weight for younger children and toddlers.

Fun Activities & Benefits

A fun activity that you kids can try with a balance bike is to see how long they can glide for.

See if they can keep their balance while gliding and keep a counting tally of the seconds so they have something to continue to try and beat. This can also help them prepare for balancing on a standard kids bike when they are ready for the next step.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of kids balance bikes is that it can teach kids how to ride a bike and find their balance more easily.

As mentioned, this is a great transition bike for kids that want to keep up with others, or to learn the foundation of balancing required for cycling.

If you have a kid that’s been having difficulty adjusting the training wheels, a balance bike is also a fantastic gift in helping them develop their riding skills.

Staying Safe

Child sitting on the ground with their balance bike

Staying safe on a balance bike means never riding without a helmet.

If your child is just starting out, you might also want to consider giving them access to elbow pads and knee pads.

Reducing the chance that your child will fall means regularly watching them while they are out and ensuring that they’re always using their balance bike under supervision.

Regular maintenance and inspections on the balance bike also helps prevent injuries. Double check back breaks, making sure they are working as intended.

Further maintenance on the turning limiter will also make sure that your child does not fall as a result of the balance bike front wheel rotating a full 360° or stopping them mid glide.

Vuly's Balance Bikes for Kids

A balance bike can be a fine gift for a child and the perfect way that you can teach a child how to ride a bike.

Vuly Play has high quality balance bikes for younger kids and toddlers. Like all Vuly products such as our new monkey bars or 10ft trampolines, our balance bikes are built to last.

Contact us directly for more information, our friendly sales staff are here for you.

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