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Spare Parts For Your
Large Lift

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Net Pole Plug Box
10 net pole plug sets (includes strap & wire)  
Spring tool
Frametube Button Bag
10 frametube push buttons  
Vuly Lift Joiner Pole(Set)
2*Joiner Pole  
L Vuly Lift/Lift Pro Jump Mat
1*L Jump Mat  
Buy   shopping_cart $162.00 965
L Vuly Lift Safety Net
1*L Safety Net  
Buy   shopping_cart $240.00 966
L Vuly Lift Safety Pad
1*L Safety Pad  
Buy   shopping_cart $216.00 967
L Vuly Lift Frametube(Set)
2*L Lower Frametube-A + 2*L Lower Frametube-B + 2*L Upper Frametube-A + 2*L Upper Frametube-B.  
Buy   shopping_cart $106.00 968
Vuly Lift Joiner Pole
Buy   shopping_cart $20.00 1038
Shade Cover (Lift 2 L)
Buy   shopping_cart $279.00 1280
Lift Upper Net Pole Set of 2
Buy   shopping_cart $30.00 1451
Lift Lower Net Pole Set of 2
Buy   shopping_cart $30.00 1452
10 springs  
Buy   shopping_cart $28.00 1486

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