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Statement in Relation to Yoga Swing Incident

At Vuly Play, we are dedicated to designing and offering products of the highest safety standards, so that children and families can enjoy fun and active play without concerns for safety. 

We issue detailed written safety instructions with all of our products, as well as installation videos on our website. 

We are concerned about a recent incident involving the Yoga swing in Victoria. Vuly has sold many thousands of Yoga Swings without any incident to date. We are taking the Victorian incident very seriously and are conducting a full and thorough investigation. As a precaution, we have temporarily stopped sales of the product, removed it from our website and advised resellers to also stop sale of the product, until our investigation is complete. We have also issued a safety reminder to all existing customers.

The safety of our customers and their families is of the utmost importance to us. We will keep you updated on the outcome of our investigation.

Source: Vuly Play

17 June, 2020 Facebook icon Twitter icon


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