Thunder Summer Trampoline New Zealand. 

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Thunder Summer

Try the revolutionary bounce.

Torpedo 7

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With its revolutionary Leaf Spring system that creates no hard contact zones, Thunder Summer is New Zealand's trampoline that changes the game.

Gentle and secure Terylene enclosure.

Keep bouncers safe, with a net that won’t leave grazes.


Highest safety net available.

Jump as high as you can! You won’t clear the net.

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Torpedo 7
Number 1 Fitness
Vuly Thunder Summer trampoline on display at Number One Fitness store in New Zealand.

Fine and resistant to tearing.

Take care of fingers and toes, with tight mesh that won't catch.


Full-length, accessible door.

Climb on easily through the zip-free, self-sealing entrance.

Zero contact zones.

Attach the safety net directly to the rim of the jump mat.


Safe skirt included.

Add a barrier around moving parts for extra protection.




Trampoline width

M: 363cm   L: 433cm   XL: 493cm


Safety Net height

M: 190cm   L: 190cm   XL: 190cm


Mat width

M: 252cm   L: 322cm   XL: 382cm


Frame width

M: 294cm   L: 364cm   XL: 424m


Mat height

M: 83cm   L: 83cm   XL: 83cm


Trampoline height

M: 300cm   L: 300cm   XL: 300cm

World's tallest safety net.

Incredible Leaf Springs.

Enjoy a bounce like no other, without any coil springs.

Strain-free bouncing for joints.

Steer clear of the unstable rebound of other springless trampolines.

The Vuly Thunder Summer Leaf Springs
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Watch the Thunder Summer keynote video.

Top-quality frame coating.

Guard against premature rusting with heat treatment, double galvanisation and powder-coating.



20,000 recoils

on our test machine, at 100 kg.

Zero nuts and bolts.

Click together your trampoline with easy, push-button parts.



500 test hours

for resistance to UV rays

in a long term UV Accelerator

150 kg weight limit.

Let every family member play! Most springless trampolines can only take 120 kg.



40,000 bounces

on our test machine.

Car drop on our Thunder Summer Trampoline.

Built-in trampoline games.

Enjoy hours of fun, Vuly-exclusive games - right under your feet!

Keep in mind...
The paint on your HexVex Game Mat may wear off over time. Simply wipe fading paint with a cloth and water to prevent transfer onto skin. Pressure on the jumping mat causes the paint to stretch and crack. The 'wearing off' effect occurs in some trampolines sooner than others, depending on the conditions in which the paint was applied, usage levels and weather conditions.

Exclusive frame treatment.
Exclusive frame treatment.


Trampoline weight: 171.9kg
Max static weight: 1000kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Leaf spring count: 42


Framework (3x)
(L) 1410mm (W) 400mm (H) 140mm

Joiner (1x)
(L) 550mm (W) 420mm (H) 315mm

Core (1x)
(L) 730mm (W) 500mm (H) 190mm


Trampoline weight: 221.7kg
Max static weight: 720kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Leaf spring count: 56


Framework (3x)
(L) 1410mm (W) 400mm (H) 140mm

Joiner (1x)
(L) 550mm (W) 420mm (H) 315mm

Core (1x)
(L) 730mm (W) 500mm (H) 190mm

Extra Large

Trampoline weight: 271.5kg
Max static weight: 560kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Leaf spring count: 70


Framework (3x)
(L) 1410mm (W) 400mm (H) 140mm

Joiner (1x)
(L) 550mm (W) 420mm (H) 315mm

Core (1x)
(L) 730mm (W) 500mm (H) 190mm

Peerless warranties

Vuly guarantees that Thunder Summer is free of manufacturing faults and defects for:

10 years warranty
(Frame Tubes and Joiner Poles).
1 year warranty
All other parts (Safety Net, Mat, Net Poles, Leaf Springs and Skirt) and purchased accessories.

Half-Price Parts for Life

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Half price trampoline spare parts.

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Why are trampolines great for exercise?


It can be difficult enough to find the time to work out, but you can make it easier by choosing a form of exercise that you actually like to do! Who doesn't want to bounce on a trampoline? You probably loved it so much when you were young that you didn't even know that you were getting a serious workout. Get back on the trampoline for 20 minutes a day, and put together a routine that burns as many calories at a 10 km/h run.

A trampoline exercise routine is moderate-to-vigorous exercise that isn't just easy and efficient, it’s better for your joints too. While we often think of jogging as the most straightforward and simple exercise, it can actually be very tough your knees. Trampolines themselves absorb the shock of rebounding, and with less pressure on your joints, you can work out for longer. It's a true training session that feels like it's light intensity.

Apart from helping you to lose weight and build strong muscles and bones, bouncing can also boost your mood and energy levels. You'll increase your bone density and improve your posture and balance as you have fun!

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