Let everyone join in.

Toddler Swing

Let everyone join in.

*Compatible with all 360 Pro Swing Sets.

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Vuly Toddler Swing
Toddler Swing


Maximum Safety

Suitable for children over 18 months of age.

Start even the smallest member of your family out on 360 Pro securely, and keep them safe with a deep, non-slip design. While it's up to you how they swing, they'll always have fun.


Comfy for all sizes

Slide your little one into a perfect fit, ultra-modern bucket design made from moulded rotary plastic. The sturdy, scooped design will keep your toddler safe and secure for hours of fun.


Bouncy play

Give every toddler the best experience, with Bungee Ropes included with every Toddler Swing, which add an extra dimension of up-down fun that goes beyond the standard child's seat.

Backyard Childrens Swingsets and Playsets
Toddler Swing

Max User Weight



415mm x 415mm x 310mm / 2.47kg

Toddler Swing

Class-leading warranties

Vuly guarantees that Toddler swing is free of manufacturing faults and defects for:

2 year warranty

See our warranty policy for more information.

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