Get shelter from the sun that's<br>
made for the outdoors.

Shade Cover

Get shelter from the sun that's
made for the outdoors.

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2 Year Warranty   2 Year Warranty
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Keep the shelter on

Enjoy a new design that's so strong, it's made to be left attached to your trampoline all day - rain or shine.

The all new trampoline shade cover.

Stay safe in the sun

Shield bouncers from the full force of the sun, but avoid water pooling on the roof during rainy days - with permeable polyethylene.

It's the perfect day or night chillout area.
Flare Shade Cover
It's the perfect day or night chillout area. Other Models
Our new Shade Covers are now made of the same fabric as long-term, shade sail fixtures in commercial resorts.

Create a tent

Add Tent Walls to build a fully enclosed Tent for night camp-outs in your backyard.

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Vuly's trampoline tent is back!
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Let in the breeze

Get UV coverage without sacrificing cool airflow or allowing leaves to settle on your jump mat.


Slip on shade

Install with ease! Just pull the corners over your trampoline's net poles and insert the toggles to secure.

The all new trampoline shade cover.


IMPORTANT: For safety, never leave the shade cover attached to your trampoline if strong winds are expected. Strong winds may lift up against the shade cover, causing the trampoline to move.


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  • Basketball Set accessory
  • Trampoline Deck accessory
  • Toddler Swing accessory
  • Bounce Swing + Bungee accessory
  • Wrecking Ball accessory
  • Ladder accessory
  • Anchor kit accessory
  • Water Mister accessory
  • Leveller accessory
  • Pulse accessory

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