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The previous generation Thunder Pro - then called Thunder Summer - received an international Good Design® Award in 2014.

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Extra Large

Vuly takes another leap into the future with Thunder Pro: the most advanced trampoline in the world.

Watch the trampoline video
See our Thunder Pro trampoline video.




Trampoline width

M: 367cm   L: 437cm   XL: 497cm


Safety Net height

M: 190cm   L: 190cm   XL: 190cm


Mat width

M: 253cm   L: 323cm   XL: 377cm


Frame width

M: 298cm   L: 368cm   XL: 428cm


Mat height

M: 83cm   L: 83cm   XL: 83cm


Trampoline height

M: 300cm   L: 300cm   XL: 300cm

Soft Terylene enclosure.

Get support for your rugged bouncing, without skin irritation.


World's tallest safety net.

Push yourself to the sky, and have no fear of vaulting out.

Safer on Leaf Springs.

Flexible, full-length door.

Access with ease through a self-shutting and zipperless door.


Stay safe with a skirt.

Prevent underside access, and protect little bodies from injury.

Fine and tear-resistant.

Avoid catching fingers and toes, with tightly woven netting.


No contact zones.

Fasten the new modular safety net directly to the edge of the jump mat.

World's tallest safety net.

Refined Leaf Springs.

Enjoy better bouncing with pre-curved Leaf Springs that are rivet-free for extra strength and easy installation.

Bounce without strain.

Avoid the twisty rebound of other springless trampolines, which can injure joints.

The Vuly Thunder Pro Lead Springs
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Not one nut or bolt.

Work with only 9-11 different parts, and simply click your trampoline together.



20,000 recoils

on our test machine, at 150 kg.

Exclusive frame treatment.

Defend against rust, with matte black powder-coating, heat-treatment and double-dipped galvanisation.



500 test hours

for resistance to UV rays

in a long term UV Accelerator

150 kg Weight Rating.

Not all weight testing is equal. Vuly trampolines have the highest weight capacity – 150 kg – of any trampoline that's independently tested to Safety Standards.



40,000 bounces

on our test machine.

Exclusive frame treatment.
Car drop on our Thunder Pro Trampoline.

Trampoline games for life.

Have more fun on built-in games that are exclusive to Vuly.

Keep in mind...
The paint on your HexVex Game Mat may wear off over time. Simply wipe fading paint with a cloth and water to prevent transfer onto skin. Pressure on the jumping mat causes the paint to stretch and crack. The 'wearing off' effect occurs in some trampolines sooner than others, depending on the conditions in which the paint was applied, usage levels and weather conditions.

Exclusive frame treatment.
Exclusive frame treatment.


Trampoline weight: 162.2kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Leaf spring count: 42


Box A (3x) 21.70 kg
(L) 960mm (W) 250mm (H) 245mm

Box B (1x) 23.00 kg
(L) 710mm (W) 565mm (H) 295mm

Box C (1x) 15.70 kg
(L) 730mm (W) 490mm (H) 200mm


Trampoline weight: 209.1kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Leaf spring count: 56


Box A (4x) 21.05 kg
(L) 960mm (W) 250mm (H) 245mm

Box B (1x) 24.70 kg
(L) 940mm (W) 565mm (H) 295mm

Box C (1x) 24.60 kg
(L) 850mm (W) 480mm (H) 240mm

Extra Large

Trampoline weight: 257.6kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Leaf spring count: 70


Box A (5x) 20.80 kg
(L) 960mm (W) 250mm (H) 245mm

Box B (2x) 18.50 kg
(L) 590mm (W) 565mm (H) 295mm

Box C (1x) 20.60 kg
(L) 1000mm (W) 470mm (H) 225mm


Add more fun with Vuly accessories:

  • Trampoline Deck

    Trampoline Deck

    Learn tricks from the safety of your trampoline.

    Learn more keyboard_arrow_right

  • Anchor kit

    Anchor kit

    Secure your Vuly trampoline to the ground.

    Learn more keyboard_arrow_right

  • Water Mister

    Water Mister

    The only way to stay cool on your trampoline or swing set.

    Learn more keyboard_arrow_right

  • Trampoline Deck accessory
  • Anchor kit accessory
  • Water Mister accessory

How easy is it to assemble a Vuly trampoline?


We'll let a happy Thunder Pro owner show you just how quickly and easily you can set up a new Vuly! By closely following the Vuly video instructions online, Brendan is able to install his trampoline in his backyard in no time at all!

See the video

A Vuly trampoline that uses Leaf Springs, like Thunder Pro, takes very little extra time to assemble compared to a traditional, coil spring trampoline. While most adults can set up a Vuly trampoline by themselves, it can help when attaching Leaf Springs into place to ask another person to pull the Jump Mat while you push the Leaf Springs onto the Mat hooks. Attaching Leaf Springs by frame section, so that both halves of the trampoline always have the same number of Leaf Springs attached also makes the those last few Leaf Springs much easier to attach.

Forget the tiny screws and random parts that require a degree to work out! All Vuly trampolines also assemble using push-buttons, and using only a handful of distinct parts. Vuly instructions group all 10 of Thunder Pro M's different components into easy-to-follow steps, which makes clicking them together more logical and reduces setup time.


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