Terms & Conditions

Table of contents:

1.0. Overview
2.0. Agreement
3.0. Conditions of Sale
4.0. Title and risk
5.0. Delivery
6.0. Installation
7.0. Product registration
8.0. Half-price replacement parts
9.0. Warranty
9.1. Warranty periods
  9.1.1. Current models
  9.1.2. Early models
9.2. Inclusions
9.3. Exclusions
  9.3.1. Damage through wear and tear
  9.3.2. Damage through weather conditions
  9.3.3. Damage through improper installation
  9.3.4. Damage through insufficient care or maintenance
  9.3.5. Damage through inappropriate use
  9.3.6. Personal injury
9.4. Claims
  9.4.1. Making a Warranty Claim
  9.4.2. Successful Warranty Claims
  9.4.3. Refunds
  9.4.4. Claiming on non-Vuly products
9.5. Australian Consumer Law
10.0. Missing parts
11.0. Order cancellations
12.0. Pre-orders
13.0. Media
13.1. Product portrayals
13.2. Product pricing
13.3. Promotions
13.4. Copyright and Trademarks
14.0. Territories serviced
15.0. Storage fees

1.0. Overview

The following is essential information about the rights and responsibilities of both the seller and the customer. It also includes a list of Terms & Conditions to which all parties must agree prior to the commencement of business with Vuly.

‘Vuly’, when used in these Terms & Conditions, refers to all organisations under the control of Vuly Trampolines Pty. Ltd. Vuly reserves the right to amend or delete the following Terms & Conditions at any time.

While Vuly strives to provide up-to-date information via www.vulyplay.com, it cannot guarantee that this information is current. Please contact Vuly on 1300 667 514, if you believe that you do not have access to the most recent Terms & Conditions.

2.0. Agreement

Your interaction with Vuly Trampolines Pty. Ltd. (ABN: 91 160 793 706) constitutes your agreement to follow these Terms & Conditions. By accepting this agreement you indicate that you will comply with its regulations.

If you do not agree to comply with the regulations, please refrain from purchasing products from the company. Vuly will take appropriate and considered action to uphold the Terms & Conditions.

3.0. Conditions of sale

The following Conditions of Sale will apply to, and bind the purchaser of, any Vuly Trampolines Pty. Ltd. ABN: 91 160 793 706 product.


Please read this agreement carefully before purchase or assembly. By placing an order, you acknowledge that you have read this agreement, understand it and agree to be bound by its conditions. If you are making a purchase on behalf of another person, you agree that you are making the purchase as their agent.



Vuly Trampolines Pty. Ltd. ABN: 91 160 793 706 (“Vuly”), as supplier of trampolines, swing sets and accessories (“Products”), sells all Products subject to the following conditions:

  1. To the maximum extent permitted by the law, Vuly, its employees, directors and agents will not be liable to the customer, their dependents or legal representatives for damage to property, personal injury or death suffered by the customer because the Product was not manufactured or supplied with due care and skill, the Product is not reasonably fit for its purpose or because of negligence, breach of contract, breach of statute or breach of statutory duty by Vuly.

  2. Vuly, its employees, directors and agents are not liable to the customer, their dependents or legal representatives for personal injury or death suffered by the customer because the Product was not:
    1. installed in accordance with the Vuly instruction manual. It is the customer’s responsibility to check all boxes to confirm that all components are included and in the correct condition before assembly.
    2. installed with due care and skill, by a the customer or a third party assembly service; and
    3. in the same condition as when the Product was supplied, due to wear and tear – including, but not limited to, weather damage, deterioration of the net, spring stretch, UV deterioration or rust.

  3. The customer acknowledges that using the Product can be dangerous, with inherent risks and hazards. As a consequence, personal injury or death may occur. The customer assumes and accepts all such risks, and hereby – to the full extent permitted by law – waives the right of action against, and fully releases Vuly for, loss, damages, personal injury or death in any way caused by, or relating to, the customer’s participation in such activities.

    This includes – without limitation – liability for any negligent or tortuous acts or omission, breach of duty, breach of contract or breach of statutory duty on the part of Vuly, its office bearers, directors, employees or agents.



The use of the Product involves a significant risk of participants suffering personal injury including the possibility of serious injuries, permanent disability or death. All participants who engage in activities with the Product do so at their own risk.

4.0. Title and risk

Title to, and ownership of, any product ordered from Vuly passes to the customer when the customer pays all amounts due for the product – including delivery and other charges – and when Vuly receives these payment in full, and not before. Vuly is not required to, and will not, make arrangements for delivery of any product until it receives payment in full.

Risk in any product passes to the customer when the product is dispatched from Vuly's warehouse (or otherwise leaves Vuly's possession or control) in accordance with the customer’s instructions, regardless of the method of delivery. Alternatively, in the absence of delivery instructions from the customer, Vuly notifies the customer – in writing – that the product is available for collection from the Vuly warehouse, or from the location specified in that notice.

5.0. Delivery

Products may be delivered through the general (non-express) service of an independent delivery company to all residential and business addresses within Australia. Therefore, after dispatch from the Vuly depot, delivery is covered under the Terms & Conditions of the independent provider and not the Terms & Conditions of Vuly.

The following are approximate delivery times throughout Australia. Vuly will endeavour to provide timely delivery of ordered products within these timeframes; however, estimated delivery times cannot be guaranteed and are a guide only. Vuly will also not ship ‘express’, as this service is unavailable through the delivery provider.

State Estimated delivery time
Queensland 1 - 5 days
New South Wales 1 - 6 days
Canberra 2 - 5 days
Victoria 2 - 7 days
South Australia 4 - 7 days
Tasmania 7 - 8 days
Western Australia 4 - 12 days
Northern Territory 4 - 12 days

All times given are estimates only. Vuly bears no responsibility if these times are inaccurate for specific deliveries. Delivery times are calculated from the date that the order is set to dispatch to the date the order arrives at the customer's delivery address.

Vuly may provide an indication of the estimated delivery date, however the actual delivery date may vary from this.

6.0. Installation

Services to assemble the customer’s product are available through third-party providers. Usage of these installers may incur an additional fee. Vuly does not guarantee that installation services will be available in the required area.

Authorised Vuly installers are:

  •   - Auswide Installations
  •   - Jim’s Group
  •   - Rebound

Customers must not use unauthorised installers; damage due to incorrect assembly is not covered by the Vuly warranty.

Contact Vuly on 1300 667 514 before placing your order for referral to a certified installer in their area.

7.0. Product registration

To access the Half-Price Parts for Life programme or to lodge a Warranty Claim, customers must ensure that their Vuly product is registered with Vuly.

If the customer purchases their Vuly product directly through Vuly (its website, at its Brisbane showroom or over the phone to one of its sales representatives), their product will be registered automatically.

If the customer purchases through an authorised reseller, they must register their product by visiting www.vulyplay.com/support and completing the form – with a proof of purchase.

8.0. Half Price replacement parts

Vuly offers half-price replacement parts to all customers for the lifetime of their trampoline or swing set purchase through their Half-Price Parts for Life programme.

This programme is subject to change at any time, and it is only available to customers who have purchased either through an authorised reseller or directly through Vuly.

Half-Price Parts for Life is only available to customers who wish to replace parts that are core components of their trampoline or swing set. These parts include:

  •   - Springs,
  •   - Leaf Springs,
  •   - Jump Mat,
  •   - Joiner Poles,
  •   - Safety Net (and components thereof),
  •   - Net Poles,
  •   - Frame Tubes.

The programme does not extend to accessories or to Tent components.

9.0. Warranty

All Vuly products are sold with a manufacturing warranty, which assure that the item is free of defects in workmanship and materials (“warranty”).

Vuly offers the longest and most extensive warranties in the market on all our models. We provide comprehensive after-sales service, which we believe encourages the customer to purchase a Vuly trampoline or swing set instead of those of our competitors.

9.1. Warranty periods

Warranty periods always commence from the item's original dispatch date.

Warranty periods do not reset, and nor can they be extended, for any reason after purchase. This includes cases of full or partial replacement during the life of a product.

  •   -  If the customer purchases a completely new product, that particular item will be covered by its own warranty period.

  •   -  If the customer replaces under warranty any part or complete product, this does not affect the original warranty period of the purchased product.

9.1.1 Models from 01/12/2008 - Present

This warranty is for use under normal conditions, and it applies for:


  •   -  120 months (10 years) to the Frame Tubes and Joiner Poles.
  •   -  60 months (5 years) to the Coil Springs and Jump Mat (excluding the print on all Jump Mats and the combined Jump Mat and Safety Net on Thunder 1.0. and Thunder Summer).
  •   -  12 months (1 year) to all other parts of a purchased trampoline - e.g. Safety Padding, Safety Net, Net Poles, Leaf Springs and combined Jump Mat and Safety Net.

Swing Sets

  •   -  120 months (10 years) to the swing set Frame.
  •   -  36 months (3 years) to the Metal swing set components (e.g. Spin Swing).
  •   -  12 months (1 year) to Textile and other swing set components (e.g. Yoga Swing).


  •   - 12 months [1 year] to purchased accessories – e.g. Mister, Deck – not received during a promotional period.
  •   - 3 months to any items received at no cost as part of a promotion – e.g. ‘Free Shade Cover’.

The customer may extend the standard 12-month [1 year] warranty to 36 months [3 years], if they purchase an extended warranty within 7 days of their delivery date. No extended warranty is available on standard warranties that are over or under 12 months [1 year].

9.1.2 Models before 01/12/2008

Vuly’s aforementioned warranty applies to Vuly Trampolines and Trampolines Australia trampolines sold after 1st December 2008. These are the trampolines with Square T-sections.

If a customer purchased an earlier model trampoline – with a rounded T-section – the warranty, for use under normal conditions, applies for:

  •   - 36 months [3 years] to the Frame Tubes, Joiner Poles and Net Poles, Springs and Jump Mat (excluding the print).
  •   - 12 months [1 year] to all other parts of the purchased trampoline – e.g. Safety Padding and Safety Net – and accessories.

9.2. Inclusions

This warranty covers manufacturing faults and defects only.

If a product is damaged or rendered unsafe as a result of a departure from its design specifications during production, this constitutes a manufacturing fault or defect.

This may occur if – for example – use of incorrect textiles during manufacturing causes a Safety Net to disintegrate, or if improper welding produces an unstable Frame.

9.3. Exclusions

9.3.1. Damage through wear and tear

This warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear of the product. This may include, but is not limited to:

  •   - Rusting of steel components,
  •   - UV deterioration of textile components,
  •   - Stretching of springs.

As outdoor products that are actively used, trampolines, swing sets and their accessories will experience wear and tear over time.

9.3.2. Damage through weather conditions

Damage to the product that results from weather events – such as rain or wind – are not covered under the warranty. Vuly suggests that you contact your home and contents insurer if your trampoline or swing set is damaged by such events.

9.3.3. Damage through improper installation

This warranty does not extend to any failure of the product caused by installation not in accordance with the Vuly Manual. Customers must assemble their Vuly product by following carefully the Installation section of their Vuly Manual.

Furthermore, the warranty does not cover installation provided by a third-party assembly service. It is the customer's responsibility to check all boxes and confirm that all components are included in the correct condition before installing.

9.3.4. Damage through insufficient care or maintenance

This warranty does not extend to accelerated decay of the product caused by poor care or maintenance. It is essential that customers regularly check, and follow the advice of, the Care and Maintenance sections of their Vuly Manual to ensure that their product lasts as long as possible.

9.3.5. Damage through inappropriate use

This warranty will be void if the product is used for any other activity besides those for which it was intended. Vuly products constitute recreational trampolines, swing sets and accessories. They are not intended for use as professional, gymnastics trampolines, springboards, etc.

Any evidence that inappropriate actions that have led to product failure will not be covered by the warranty. Similarly, replacement parts or repairs needed to mend such damage will not be covered under the warranty.

9.3.6. Personal Injury

The warranty does not cover personal injury or losses due to any of the above: wear and tear, weather conditions, inappropriate installation, insufficient care or maintenance or inappropriate use, nor does it cover damage due to negligence or accidents.

9.4. Warranty Claims

If a customer believes that a Vuly product is faulty or defective, they must discontinue use and submit a Warranty Claim.

A customer must not attempt to use a product if any part is faulty or defective, as it may be dangerous. Any damage that the user causes as a result of using faulty or defective products will lead to voiding of the warranty.

9.4.1. Making a Warranty Claim

To fulfil a warranty claim, a customer must submit an online Warranty Claim at www.vulyplay.com/support.

Submitting the online Warranty Claim form requires the customer to provide:

  •   - Details of their purchase – including date,
  •   - Batch number,
  •   - Clear photographic evidence of the manufacturing fault or defect.

If the customer does not provide all details that the form requires, their Warranty Claim will not be assessed.

Vuly may take up to 7 days to process Warranty Claims upon a completed submission. It may take a further 12 days for replacement parts to reach the customer.

9.4.2. Successful Warranty Claims

If Vuly accepts a customer’s Warranty Claim, Vuly will replace the faulty or defective parts, not offer refunds.

Successful Warranty Claims lodged within 7 days of the delivery date
Vuly will replace the damaged parts free of charge. Vuly will also cover any costs associated with shipping the replacement part.

Successful Warranty Claims lodged after 7 days of the delivery date
Vuly will replace the damaged parts free of charge. The customer must cover any costs associated with shipping the replacement part.

9.4.3. Refunds

In all instances of successful warranty claims, Vuly offers replacements parts only. Vuly provides refunds only at their discretion.

9.4.4 Claiming on non-Vuly products

Products sold alongside Vuly that are not Vuly-branded are subject to the warranties provided by the companies that supply them. The customer must contact these external companies to make a warranty claim; Vuly itself will not assess claims made against non-Vuly products.

9.5. Australian Consumer Law
Our Goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the Goods repaired or replaced if the Goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

10.0. Missing parts

If a customer believes that a Vuly product does not include all necessary parts, they must contact us immediately on 1300 667 514.

A customer must not attempt to use a product if any part is incomplete, as it may be dangerous. Any damage that the user causes as a result of using incomplete products will lead to voiding of the warranty.

Vuly trampolines and swing sets are delivered to Vuly HQ prepackaged; we are unable to check the boxes prior to delivery to ensure that they contain all the required parts. While the missing part rate during packing is very low, some parts may also fall out in transit due to small, unintentional tears in their boxes.

11.0. Order cancellations

If the customer has made payment, but their order has not left the Vuly warehouse, they may cancel their order for any reason and are entitled to a refund on the order amount to their nominated bank account.

If the customer has made payment, and their order has left the Vuly warehouse, they may cancel their order for any reason and are entitled to a refund on the order amount to their nominated bank account. However, the customer must cover all cancellation, restocking and return freight fees.

12.0. Pre-orders

If the customer orders a product before it is in stock, this constitutes a pre-order.

The timeframes that Vuly provides for stock arrival on pre-orders are estimations only, and they are, therefore, not guaranteed. Time delays due to shipping and freight are often unforeseeable and out of Vuly’s control.

Vuly does not offer refunds on pre-ordered products that experience deviations in arrival date from estimated timeframes.

13.0. Media

Vuly attempts to provide the most accurate and updated information in the content of its website, catalogues and other promotional material.

13.1. Product portrayals

The appearance of the product that the customer receives may differ from those portrayed in promotional material due to subtle product updates or the colour settings of the customer’s computer.

13.2. Product pricing

Prices displayed on the Vuly website and in promotional material are subject to change at any time and subject to the discretion of the appropriate parties.

While Vuly will attempt to raise attention to future price changes, prices may change between inquiries and point of sale. Furthermore, prices depicted on invoices or quotes provided, either online or through Vuly’s call centre, are valid for 7 days.

13.3. Promotions

Promotions are subject to change at any time, due to stock availability. Promotions provided on the website or in print material do not constitute a binding agreement. Only promotions valid at the point of purchase can be considered binding.

13.4. Copyright and Trademarks

All logos, images and text regarding Vuly's products, print material and website are copyright Vuly Trampolines Pty. Ltd. 2008+. All trademarks are ® trademarks. Unless specific written permission is obtained from the appropriate parties, these trademarks or logos should not be appropriated by third parties in any way.

14.0. Territories serviced

From 1 May 2017, Vuly no longer offers direct sale of new trampolines or play sets to international customers. Vuly's sales team services Australia and New Zealand only.

International customers must purchase new Vuly products from retailers in their country.

15.0. Storage fees

Vuly reserves the right to charge a fee for the period of time that it must store a customer’s order.

Storing of orders commences on (whichever comes first):
- The date that the customer first make payment, OR
- The date that the customer place's their order.

- The date that the customer request dispatch of their order, OR
- The date that the customer's order is picked up.

Vuly provides free storage on products ordered for the first 10 weekdays (2 weeks) of this period. After this time, a storage fee of $1 per weekday (Monday - Friday) will apply. Customers can avoid storage fees by choosing to pick up or dispatch their order within 2 weeks of placing it or making payment on it (whichever comes first).

If a customer places their order through VulyPlay.com, the checkout process will advise them of applicable storage fees. If a customer places their order over the phone with Vuly, the sales team will advise them of applicable storage fees. 

If a customer elects to pick up their order, storage fees for excess days that the order remains uncollected will be charged at the time of pickup.

Paid storage fees are non-refundable.

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