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The previous generation Lift - then called Vuly2 - received an international Good Design® Selection in 2015.

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Extra Large

Built to be our most durable trampoline in a truly affordable package, Lift is the Vuly for every family.

Watch our trampoline video
Watch our Vuly Lift trampoline video.



Trampoline width

S: 8ft 4in   M: 10ft 2in  
L: 12ft 6in   XL: 14ft 2in


Safety Net height

S: 5ft 11in   M: 5ft 11in  
L: 5ft 11in   XL: 5ft 11in


Mat width

S: 6ft 3in   M: 8ft 5in  
L: 10ft 8in   XL: 12ft 3in


Frame width

S: 8ft 4in   M: 10ft 3in  
L: 12ft 6in   XL: 14ft 1in


Mat height

S: 2ft 12in   M: 2ft 12in  
L: 2ft 12in   XL: 2ft 12in


Trampoline height

S: 9ft 7in   M: 9ft 7in  
L: 9ft 7in   XL: 9ft 7in


UV-resistant Polyethylene net.

Stay safe for more bounces, with a net that's designed to last.

No spring contact.

True-to-life UV testing.

Get a true measure of performance that only 'wet-testing' can provide.


Fine and durable mesh.

Forget entanglement or dangerous rips, with tightly-woven netting.

Wider door opening.

Enter through a zipless door that seals shut behind you.


No spring injuries.

Bounce from edge to edge; you'll land on no contact zones.

The polyethylene mesh on Lift can stand up to severe weather.

Long-lasting tubing

Preserve against frame weakening, with twice galvanisation and heat treatment.


Dual-layered spring system.

Push higher on tiered springs that recoil based on weight and that use thicker hooks, tapered ends and chromate conversion coating to safeguard against snapping.

The polyethylene mesh on Lift can stand up to severe weather.

Double-sided safety padding

Ensure utmost safety and UV-resistance with Bisonyl, which won't deteriorate early.

Flippable between Classic Blue and Electric Yellow!

Reversible padding lasts twice as long.

Thick PVC pad connectors

Protect onlookers, with padding that attaches directly to the springs.

Now with drainage holes.

Watch video

Free of nuts and bolts.

Install by simply locking together the parts with push-buttons.



100,000 recoils

on our test machine, at 100 kg.

Super-strong frame.

Rebound on a dual-ringed steel foundation that won't bow or break.



500 test hours

for resistance to UV rays

in a long term UV Accelerator

Accredited to 150 kg.

Lift is assessed to strict Australian Standards for 150 kg. Competitors who claim higher weight capacities are tested using misleading methodology.



40,000 bounces

on our test machine.

A frame free of nuts and bolts.

Hours of fun games.

Compete and play with games right under your feet.

Keep in mind...
The paint on your HexVex Game Mat may wear off over time. Simply wipe fading paint with a cloth and water to prevent transfer onto skin. Pressure on the jumping mat causes the paint to stretch and crack. The 'wearing off' effect occurs in some trampolines sooner than others, depending on the conditions in which the paint was applied, usage levels and weather conditions.

Hours of fun with trampoline games.
Still the only trampolines with games printed right beneath your feet.


Trampoline weight: 174.165 lbs
Max user weight: 330 lbs
Coil spring count: 48
Spring length: 5.5in


Box A (1x)
(L) 18in (W) 1ft 7in (H) 9in

Box B (1x)
(L) 3ft 9in (W) 1ft 3in (H) 8in


Trampoline weight: 220 lbs
Max user weight: 330 lbs
Coil spring count: 63
Spring length: 5.5in


Box A (1x)
(L) 2ft 6in (W) 1ft 3in (H) 1ft 6in

Box B (1x)
(L) 3ft 3in (W) 1ft 7in (H) 6in

Box C (1x)
(L) 3ft 9in (W) 11in (H) 9in


Trampoline weight: 271 lbs
Max user weight: 330 lbs
Coil spring count: 72
Spring length: 5.5in


Box A (1x)
(L) 2ft 7in (W) 1ft 5in (H) 7in

Box B (1x)
(L) 3ft 3in (W) 1ft 4in (H) 9in

Box C (1x)
(L) 3ft 9in (W) 12in (H) 8in

Box D (1x)
(L) 2ft 6in (W) 1ft 2in (H) 1ft 4in

Extra Large

Trampoline weight: 313 lbs
Max user weight: 330 lbs
Coil spring count: 90
Spring length: 5.5in


Box A (1x)
(L) 2ft 12in (W) 1ft 6in (H) 1ft 4in

Box B (1x)
(L) 2ft 7in (W) 1ft 1in (H) 9in

Box C (1x)
(L) 3ft 9in (W) 21in (H) 8in

Box D (1x)
(L) 3ft 3in (W) 1ft 8in (H) 8in

Outstanding warranties

Vuly guarantees that Lift is free of manufacturing faults and defects for:

10 year warranty
Frame Tubes
and Joiner Poles
5 year warranty
Springs and Jump Mat
(excluding print)
1 year warranty
Safety Net,
Net Poles and Safety Pads
3 year warranty
Safety Net, Net Poles, Safety Pads extended warranty available for $249
Half price trampoline spare parts.

Add more fun with Vuly accessories:

  • Basketball Set

    Basketball Set

    Become a basketball hero in your backyard.

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  • Shade Cover

    Shade Cover

    Get shelter from the sun, with plenty of
    open air in your trampoline.

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  • Tent


    Turn your trampoline into a backyard camping spot.

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  • Basketball Set accessory
  • Shade Cover accessory
  • Tent accessory

How can trampolines help with autism?


Bouncing on a trampoline that's fully enclosed by a safety net may be one of the best forms of physical therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It can be so effective that parents of children with ASD often receive funding from the government or other assistance organisations for a trampoline.

ASD often causes difficulty with movement and balance. It's why the regular and frequent sensory input that comes from bouncing helps train these kids' bodies to more successfully interpret the brain signals being sent to their muscles. Because kids with ASD can also experience amplified levels of stress, a trampoline gives that child a safe environment in which their need for a particular stimulus is being met.

If your child along the autism spectrum struggles to form friendships and interact with others, a trampoline could be an easy way to get them and other kids involved in inclusive backyard activities together! For most kids, a trampoline is simply a fun way to play outside, but for kids with autism, it provides so many more important benefits for their physical and mental wellbeing.

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