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Vuly Thunder Trampoline from Vuly

Editor's Review 

What It Is

The Vuly Thunder Trampoline is an innovation breakthrough in recreational trampolines. Its unique construction gives it an outrageously responsive and powerful bounce while providing utmost safety for bouncing. The circular, 8-foot-plus diameter trampoline bed (We tested the medium size. Two larger sizes are available.) is supported by what Vuly calls "leaf springs." These are high tension, arc-shaped metal strips that surpass traditional springs in terms of their ability to respond to bouncing and spring back. The result is an even bounce across the entire trampoline bed, which helps users bounce higher and get a constant response wherever they're bouncing on the trampoline surface. The design also eliminates springs at the edges and allows the trampoline bed to extend to the furthest edge of the frame.

Once assembled, the frame is very sturdy, and it's designed to stand up to all kinds of weather and look great for many years. It includes a net that covers the springs, which prevents kids, animals and yard debris from getting underneath the trampoline bed.

The safety enclosure is uniquely designed, and it's the highest on any commercial, recreational trampoline, using a fabric that won't chafe skin when kids bounce into it...and they will. It's concave shape also helps ensure that kids can stay upright, most of the time, they bounce into the enclosure. Finally, the enclosure is structured so that kids can't bounce into the uprights that support it.

The Vuly Thunder does take a while to assemble, and it's advised that at least two people work on it. The instructions are very good.

Accessories including a basketball hoop and bounce boards are available separately.
Is It Fun?
Trampolines provide classic, active play. Kids love the feeling of flying and weightlessness as well as creating different challenges for themselves. One of the really cool things about trampolines is that kids of all skill levels can have an equally good time. This is really an activity that grows with the child. The more confident kids become, the more they can do, and they can proceed at their own pace. For recreational play, there really is no right or wrong way to do it.

The safety features of the Vuly Thunder mean that kids (and parents) can bounce with confidence, too.
Who It’s For
The Vuly Thunder is recommended for kids ages 8 years and up. It will appeal most to kids who like to be active. We think the whole family is going to want a turn on this, though. Once you get started, it's really exciting to see what you can do, how high you can bounce, etc. It's also good for any skill level, since it's completely a self-directed activity.
What To Be Aware Of
Vuly recommends that no more than two people bounce at the same time on the medium sized trampoline.

Be sure to follow all instructions carefully.

Follow all instructions for installation, use and care for best results.

The frame comes with an 8-year warranty.

Maximum recommended weight for use is 330 pounds.

Source: ttpm - Toys, Tots, Pets & More

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