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Keeping kids happy in summer? It's easy

What do children need to get through a long and hot Summer? According to Alex James of the UK Telegraph- all they need is a trampoline and badminton set! Alex chronicles the life of his first family trampoline, purchased on impulse and giving 6 years of fun and joy to the family. After eventually accepting the need for a newer model, Alex decided on the Thunder- citing the need for a trampoline with a strong focus on safety as well as been a good size.

Alex also commends the strong design aspects of the Thunder trampoline, kind of half trampoline, half sculpture with curves been reminiscent of a suspension bridge and with the add on feature of a tent, converting it into a "campoline". We are sure that the whole family will enjoy their Thunder for many years to come! You can read the full article here.







Source: The Telegraph

07 July, 2014 Facebook icon Twitter icon


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