Slam Pro Basketball Hoop

Slam Pro In-ground
Basketball Hoop

Shoot hoops like never before.

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7 Year warranty 524

7 Year warranty

Slam Pro In Ground

An extra $160 of value included

ViperGrip Basketball   RRP $100
High Quality Steel Pump   RRP $60

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Vuly Slam Pro™ changes the way we play basketball. It's made like no other hoop system out there and full of the innovations that make a Vuly special. It's ready to be the centre of fun in your backyard.

Vuly's amazing basketball set.

Dunk with confidence

Jam the ball safely and get incredible feedback from a strong and stable ring.

Raise or lower the basketball in seconds.

Rebound off full steel

Score shots off the backboard like a pro. It's made from solid steel, and it's more durable than glass or acrylic – while still offering a powerful rebound.

The basketball set is perforated to prevent wind from toppling the unit.

Get the right height

Twist the valve, stand back and watch as the gas-powered strut raises itself – up to NBA official height. Then stop at the perfect spot. Without any fixed heights, you're free to adjust down to the millimetre.

A flexible hoop height and sturdy frame.
Raise or lower the basketball hoop in seconds.

Adjust for kids or adults

Bring anyone to the basketball party, and easily raise or lower accordingly – even mid-game. Everyone can slam dunk and keep themselves safe at the same time, with protective padding along the support struts.

The amazing gas-powered strut raises itself with just a twist.
Customise hoop for serious players.
A flexible hoop height and sturdy frame.

Play with total confidence

Take on a structure that's 3x sturdier because it features 3 pillars to support the hoop, instead of only 1. The entire mechanism has no weld lines and is 15% wider than a standard single strut.

Triple-pillar circumference: 14.3 inches


Double galvanized and powder-coated to last for years.

Powder-coated and double galvanised to prevent rust.
A totally flexible hoop height, with the ability to adjust it easily.
Vuly's secure base fixes to the ground.

Secure safely to the ground

Practise on a quality base that easily fixes to the ground. It also includes soft and UV-resistant padding, to keep legs and littler bodies safe from the super strong steel beneath.

Vuly's amazing basketball set.

Get a FREE ball
and TWO pumps

Get used to better ball control, thanks to the included ViperGrip basketball. It's made with zero leather and lets you achieve peak performance.

Keep the handy mini-pump on hand for quick inflation, or use the full-size pump to get into the fun faster.

Vuly's 2 ball pumps.
Vuly's amazing basketball set.

Class-leading warranties

Vuly guarantees that Slam Pro is free of manufacturing faults and defects for:

7 year warranty
Steel components
3 year warranty
Plastic and material components
5 year extended warranty
Extended warranty for all 3-year parts available for $249


Maximum unit height: 12ft 3in
Minimum unit height: 9ft 7in

Unit width: 4ft 6in
Unit length: 5ft 12in

Maximum hoop height: 10ft
Minimum hoop height: 7ft 5in

Base width: 11in
Base length: 11in

Backboard width: 4ft 6in
Backboard height: 2ft 10in

Hoop diameter: 1ft 6in (18in)

Weight: 228 lbs



Box A (1x):
2ft x 1ft x 1ft / 80 lbs

Box B (1x):
5ft x 10in x 6in / 73 lbs

Box C (1x):
2ft 9in x 1ft 9in x 7in / 54 lbs

Box D (1x):
4ft 8in x 2ft 10in x 6in / 51 lbs


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