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Why Vuly Trampolines?

The exploding popularity of trampolines means that there are more brands on the market than ever before. To the untrained eye, the products and the materials that they are made of seem to be very similar.

Every company claims that their products are made of the best substances, but how do you know which brand is the most suitable for your family?

The answer is simple — ask the trampoline experts! Vuly is passionate about trampolines and is constantly looking for new, innovative ways to improve the quality of our products. We extensively research a wide variety of materials in order to get the best result for you, and believe that only purchasing products from trampoline experts can provide the best trampoline experience. Our company is involved in every aspect of our product development, including formulating the merchandise design and material.

Here are just a few reasons why Vuly is the leader in trampoline safety and materials:

    • We take pride in making our safety padding out of expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam wrapped in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam. EPE foam is a closed-cell material that will not absorb water, accumulate mildew, or lose shape.

    • Externally, the PVC material that covers the safety padding and safety net poles completely seal out air, moisture, dust, and UV rays, making it an ideally sturdy substance to aid in your child's safety.

    • Our safety pads are composed of nearly one inch of cushioned protection between your child and the springs. They are double padded, giving you or your child twice the amount of safety and comfort. Conversely, many other trampoline companies use cheap, tarp-like material to cover their spring pads. To add to the inferiority, the fragile coverings provide no protection from the springs and last only three months in the summer sun before they deteriorate. This material tears easily and can lead to injury.

    • Vuly's trampoline frames are made from fully double-galvanized Australian steel tubing, measuring 1.5mm thick. The thickness of our frames far exceeds international trampoline safety standards, and the double galvanization protects against rust.

    • Our safety nets are composed of Terylene, a synthetic polyester fabric that is known for its lightweight yet sturdy qualities. An extremely versatile and UV-resistant material, Terylene is commonly used in ropes and sails. With strong synthetic materials, you can be assured that you or your child will remain securely within the confines of the enclosure. Our fortifying reinforcement strip is located around the middle of the net for additional safety.

    • One of our most popular safety accessories is our trampoline ladder, which is specifically designed for children in mind. These top-selling products are made of powder coated steel, giving it a hardwearing finish that is much more durable than conventional paint. The coating protects against damage and leaves an attractive appearance. Our ladders feature two non-slip extra wide steps that provide a large surface area for stepping. This accessory also features holes to allow water to drain away, greatly decreasing the chance of falls. To top it off, the rubber caps on the end of the legs ensure that the ladder stays firmly in place without sacrificing the appearance of your lawn.

    • Our top-quality jumping surfaces are made of thick, flexible polypropylene. This material is tough and heat resistant. Additionally, it is light-weight, impact resistant, stress cracking-resistant, and boasts a very high compressive strength. These qualities are vital for the pressure exerted on a trampoline. Vuly adds to the athletic fun by printing games on our jumping surfaces, providing your child with hours of additional enjoyment.

    • Our steel springs are galvanized to protect against rust. The hooks are longer at the frame side, allowing for increased movement. For the optimal bouncing experience, our researchers are constantly adjusting the width of the springs, the width of the coils, and the angle of the wind. Our springs are specially designed so that they provide an easy bouncing experience that is ideal for home use.

    • Vuly supports the American economy and does its part to keep jobs within the country. With the exception of our double-galvanized Australian steel, all trampoline materials are made in the United States.

Vuly is committed to providing a wide range of top-quality trampolines and safety accessories for the whole family. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact our Vuly headquarters to speak to a member of our knowledgeable staff. Check out Vuly's stock today!

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