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Why do some trampolines break?

While they often have the reputation of being products that slowly deteriorate in the backyard, not all trampolines break so easily! However, when you first start searching for a trampoline, finding the right one can be confusing. You want a product that will give you years of problem-free use and fit into the family budget too!  We know that you're concerned about the number of choices available, and your main question will be "which one will last the longest?"

While trampolines are available from most large stores and online – and at very competitive prices – you should always look for the highest quality that you can afford. Take a good look at the frame, jump mat, safety padding and safety net on the trampolines that you shortlist. Talk to experts and read reviews to find out as much as you can about each one.

Why are we so proud of our trampolines? We make them using the highest quality material. A robust, quality product from Vuly is an investment in family fun and safety – look at our Thunder Pro, built to be the world’s strongest trampoline and able to support the weight of a car. But why do some other trampolines deteriorate and break?

Lack of regular maintenance checks


Just like any other investment, regular maintenance checks on your trampoline and some TLC will help keep the product in good condition – and help keep you worry-free! If you go with a cheaper, non-branded trampoline, a quick check all around the frame will expose any loose screws that'll need to be tightened. 

Check for rusting before every use; this way, you'll pick up on it early and can get in touch with the manufacturer for replacement parts.

The frame isn't heavy duty

A weaker frame is one of the main issues that causes trampolines to break down over time. Some trampoline manufacturers compromise on the galvanised thickness when fabricating the tubes that make up their trampolines. Some use material that is not correctly treated for exposure to the weather. Always compare materials and brands before you buy! Also, think carefully about the age and weight of the potential trampoline users, and make sure that the trampoline frame that you're looking to buy can support those users.

Unlike most other brands, Vuly trampolines will take up to 150 kg of weight, and our frames are twice galvanised, so they won’t bend or break. Every model uses reinforced square joiners, which means that the frames are a lot sturdier than the round joiners used in other trampolines. The inherent strength of a Vuly frame also comes from its double-ring foundation – which ensures that its made for utmost stability.

The Lift Pro and Thunder Pro models are also uniquely powder-coated to further protect against rust. Because all Vuly frames are guaranteed for a whole decade, we say that every one of our trampolines is part of our ‘heavy-duty range’! 

The jump mat isn't strong

A trampoline jump mat takes a lot of bouncing over its life. Not only must it be made of a super-durable material, it's also essential to frequently check that the mat is free from tiny holes and tears. Again, this will allow you to spot any damage before there is a problem. Trampoline jump mats with small tears will need to be replaced as soon as possible, so that the strength of other trampoline parts – and the jumper's safety – are uncompromised.

Trampoline jump mats made from polypropylene are stronger than others – especially if they're also UV-treated. Tested for 40,000 bounces, Vuly mats are strong and robust, suiting Australian weather conditions. Not only that, even when you're outside of the warranty period, you can still get half-price jump mat for life – along with any other core component of your trampoline.

Vuly jump mats even have printed icons on them, for your family to create fun games and increase the enjoyment that you get from the trampoline. Watch the kids bounce and use their imagination to make up contests using the images on the mat!

The springs are lower quality


If you buy a low-cost trampoline with springs, you'll need to check the condition of those springs – especially if the safety padding is not to the frame secured over the springs. 

Trampolines may also break if their springs become overworked and worn-out. Some cheaper trampolines use shorter springs, with smaller diameters, than others. Not only will longer and ‘fatter’ springs outperform the smaller ones for quality and smoothness of bounce, they'll also last a lot longer and won't break as easily. Take note of the material used to make the coils and if they seem tightly wound and strong.

Vuly springs use thicker hooks, tapered ends and a chromate conversion coating that safeguards against snapping. Because they attach to the topside and underside of Lift or Lift Pro frame tubes, Vuly springs activate based on user weight to push bouncers higher. Not only that, Thunder and Thunder Pro don't even have coil springs to worry about! The amazing Leaf Spring design from Vuly uses a single piece of shaped steel, with no rivets, to offer a bounce that far surpasses Australian Standards for safety.  

Vuly has continued to develop both its coil spring and Leaf Spring designs, and Lift and Thunder – along with their respective ‘Pro’ models – are the result of years of research and design innovation into ways of improving bounce.

What makes Vuly different

Safety padding that won’t disintegrate

When trampoline companies started selling safety padding to cover the springs, many believed that this padding would last longer than it actually did! We all saw what happened to those cheaper brands of traditional padding, as they wore out in the weather. Remember the torn, worn, sharp pieces of padding that you had to avoid when landing on your trampoline? 

Safety padding has come a long way since first being released. Good quality safety padding is now made of hard-wearing, durable vinyl and is longer lasting. Vuly offers a thick, double-sided safety padding that is UV-resistant and made from Bisonyl – which is a PVC-coated polyester. Designed to last, you can flip the padding from Classic Blue to Electric Yellow on Lift (or Cool Grey on Lift Pro) depending on what looks right you backyard.


Safety netting that won’t tear 

Safety netting is an essential component on today’s trampolines, but it has to be done right. The very best netting – the ones that won’t tear or rip – are made from UV-resistant polyethylene or Terylene, with tight weaves. The safest trampolines, Vuly trampolines, also have their netting secured around the inner rim of the springs which means that the springs and frame are protected from constant contact and wear and tear. 

Unlike some other brands of trampolines, Vuly safety netting curves inwards – so there's no danger of touching net poles – and is so durable that your family can jump safely from one edge to the other without fear of the trampoline becoming unstable.

Trampolines that won’t break

When you're looking for a good quality, strong and durable trampoline, consider a well-known brand that is suitable for all weather, ages and weights of the family. Don't forget to do your homework!

Make sure that the trampoline has great reviews and that the company is easy to deal with – with real integrity in the industry. The last thing that you want is to buy a trampoline that will break and receive poor follow-up service.


To find out more about the world’s best trampolines, contact Vuly on 1300 667 514, visit our showroom at 95 Ingleston Road, Wakerley (Brisbane) or make an enquiry online.

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