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Working out at home with a baby

The transition into motherhood isn’t always a smooth one, with many new mums often struggling to balance their full to-do lists with looking after themselves. This doesn’t have to be the case for fitness!

With a Vuly trampoline, there're many ways that mums can stay active with a little one. Once you start to think outside of the box, the options are endless.

Take it one step at a time

Start by letting go of the idea that you have to do a complete workout all at once! The most achievable way to work some exercise into your daily routine is by completing it in small chunks throughout the day. 

A 10-minute round of burpees and squat jumps in front of the TV in the morning, followed by a 15-minute session of cleaning, is better than nothing at all! Combine that with planking and push-ups in the afternoon, and you'll find that you've done plenty of exercises. Don't think that these mini-workouts aren’t valuable just because you’re stretching them out over the day.

Invest in a jogging stroller


Not only is jogging behind a stroller a fantastic cardio workout, but your little one is getting even more benefit from the fresh air and the stimulation of new scenery.

Having a source of exercise that involves both you and your child is a great way to stay consistent with your fitness. Many new mums struggle to commit to gym classes or boot camps, which happen away from their children.

Work out with the baby!

If you have a strap-on carrier for your child, you’ll definitely want to use it during your next at-home workout. Carrying the weight of your baby on the front of your chest acts just like any other form of weight training.

Combine this with exercises like lunges and squats; it's the perfect recipe for serious calorie burning and muscle strengthening. Plus, your baby will love the up and down movements and being close to your body.

Get your little ones involved


If your baby has just woken up after a nap (during which time you were going to squeeze in a workout) and they seem energised and searching for stimulation, there are plenty of ways that you can incorporate them into your fitness routine – all while keeping them occupied.

You could go freestyle and smash out 30 minutes of high-intensity dance moves to some energetic beats, and encourage some baby grooving from their end. Complete some ‘forehead kiss ups’ with your baby lying on the ground just below you, or try some ‘peek-a-boo crunches’ with them on your belly. 


Do you find time each day to exercise with your baby alongside? We’d love to hear your tips for maintaining an active lifestyle as a new mum. 


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