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Vuly's guide to becoming a morning person.

Do you find yourself hitting that snooze button more than once before getting up each morning? Are you having a bad case of the grumps before sipping on your first coffee? Maybe you're buzzing late at night, only to be exhausted come first light.

Not all of us are ‘morning people’, but there are plenty of things that we can do to help ourselves along the way. Read our top tips to transform yourself into a morning person.

Become a morning person – Set a quiet night-time schedule


These things don’t happen with the click of your fingers; preparation is vital! Try to steer clear of dinners or catch ups during the week. Instead, create a quiet and relaxing home space to ease you into sleep mode.

Set yourself a sleep schedule. For example, turn off all technology at 9:30 pm, followed by a candlelit bath and a book read in bed, to help your body naturally wind down. Remember, it’s important to keep your environment dim and quiet.

Become a morning person – Set your intentions

If you are serious about changing a habit, you need to have a positive mindset. Alter your thought process when you hit the hay. Rather than anticipating about how tired you’ll be when your alarm goes off or thinking about everything to do at work the next day, try to think positive thoughts.

When you do awaken, don’t let those negative thoughts creep in. Remember to fill your mind with more positivity – following on from your thoughts from the night before – or create a new mental list of goals for that day. 

Become a morning person – Create a positive morning routine


It’s hard to want to get up in the morning when you’re faced with a screaming rush to get out the front door! 

Getting up that little bit earlier allows you to start your day in a more positive way. Whether you launch into a workout, sit down with the paper or practise some yoga outside on your Vuly trampoline, it’s much healthier to start the day with something relaxing that you enjoy.

Become a morning person – Let in the light

We know that light is the enemy of sleep, but in the morning it can be a valuable tool to help us wake up. Get your body clock into a routine by letting in the sunrise. Keep your curtains open, sit outside on your patio or work out in the sunshine.

For those who struggle to get up before dawn, a gradual light alarm clock may be just the little helper you need. Rather than waking you up to the jarring of a traditional alarm clock, a gradual light version glows increasingly brighter for 30 minutes before your set time, allowing your body to naturally wake up.

Become a morning person – Eat breakfast

Kickstart your metabolism and energy levels by preparing yourself a healthy breakfast. Skipping breakfast can make us feel sluggish, fatigued and affect your concentration levels, so it’s vital you fuel up with nutritious options.

See our ‘Quick and healthy breakfast ideas’ or ‘Quick and healthy winter breakfast ideas’ articles for plenty of delicious breakky recipes.


Let us know if you’ve implemented any of our ‘morning person’ changes. What are you finding the most helpful?

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