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Game on: Fun Vuly games for every age.

Parties, after school exercise, weekend fun… your Vuly is perfect for every active kid and occasion. The great thing about a Vuly trampoline is that the quality design and construction means it will grow with your family—its uses evolving with the ages of your family members and their interests. Your Vuly already has fun HexVex Games, but what else can you do on it to spice things up?

Whether your children are still in nappies, moving into double digits or well on their way to adulthood, we have some fantastic age-appropriate games to spice up their jump time on your backyard trampoline.

Games for every age: Bubble Arena (ages 2-5)


Let your toddlers or primary schoolers run amuck in the safest environment. Get into your trampoline's enclosure with your little one. With you sitting off to the side, and your child in the middle, start blowing those bubbles! There’s something magical about glistening, floating bubbles that will have your kids racing around with excitement.

The Thunder's spring-less design, and the strong netting on all Vulys, means there won't be any nasty accidents while you both play. Your child can run as quickly into the nets as they please, and jump as high as they want to swat the bubbles, without the risk of coming into contact with hard poles, or the trampoline tipping over.

Try blowing the bubbles in all directions, and having your child pop as many as they can before they float onto the trampoline base. Give them a go at blowing bubbles themselves! The cleaning-up is simple—a quick hose down will remove any residue.

Tip: We recommend using a non-toxic bubble formula, like our easy home recipe below.

Non-Toxic DIY Bubbles

You will need:

  • 2 tablespoons of non-toxic dishwashing liquid,

  • 1 cup of warm water,

  • 1 teaspoon of white sugar,

  • 1 tablespoon of glycerin,

  • Bendable wire or fuzzy pipe cleaners, and

  • A jar, with a lid.


  1. Combine warm water and sugar until it has dissolved.

  2. Stir in the glycerin until combined, and then gently stir in the dishwashing liquid.

  3. Mould your wire or pipe cleaners into bubble wands.

  4. Store the solution in your jar, and remember to gently stir the liquid before each use.

Tip: Have fun with your wand designs; try circular shapes, diamonds, flowers or even stars.

Games for every age: Musical Bounce (ages 6-12)


As your kids get a older, they’ll surely develop a bit of a music repertoire! Involving some of their favourite songs in a trampoline game will keep it fresh and fun. It's great for working up a party atmosphere if they have friends over.

Musical Bounce is all about keeping the beat; as the song changes, the last one bouncing to the beat is out for the next round.

How to play:

  1. Allocate separate trampoline zones to each contender, and remind players to keep their distance from each other.

  2. Play each song from your pre-made play list for 20 seconds, with each contender slowly jogging around the perimeter of the trampoline in unison.

  3. At the 20-second mark, call out ‘Bounce!’ and each contender must bounce on the spot to the beat of the song. Whoever is the last to be bouncing to the correct beat is out.

Tip: As the rounds progress, play the song for a lesser amount of time to increase the difficulty.

Games for every age: Backyard Fitness Challenge (ages 12 and above)

As your kids enter high school and begin to lose interest in games (other than those that require a controller and a screen!), it can be harder to get them to play outdoors and stay active.

Fitness challenges are experiencing a huge surge in popularity; what could be easier than running one on your Vuly in your own backyard? All you need is a stopwatch, a notebook and pen, your trampoline and a few willing contestants. You can get in on the fun too!

How to set up your challenge:

  1. Select 10 exercises that you will focus on. We recommend a variety of strength and cardio exercises, like star jumps, push ups, jump squats and high-knees jogging.

  2. Have one person enter the ‘fitness arena’, then select the first exercise for them to perform.

  3. Count them in, and on ‘Go!’ record how many of each exercise they can perform in one minute.

  4. Take turns, and have each contestant perform one minute of each consecutive exercise, giving them a break in between rounds.

  5. Whoever has performed the most of each exercise wins a point for that round, with the winner receiving the most points at the end of the challenge.

Tip: To guarantee a real sense of competition, organise a prize. A theme park day, or a brand new Vuly basketball hoop could be just the ticket to get some healthy competition going between family members and friends.


Has your Vuly been getting the kids out of the house? What other great games do you play on your trampoline to keep your family bouncing?
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