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The handiest utility accessories for your trampoline.

We talk a lot about our super fun accessories, like the Basketball Set and Mister, but what about the unsung heroes—the accessories that make life just a little bit easier or that take your trampoline to the next level? These utility accessories and your Vuly are perfectly matched; they’re designed to be helpful, practical and affordable.

Today, we break down the accessories that add to the fundamental experience of a Vuly Bounce. They may not spray water or allow you to pull off sick tricks, but you’ll be thankful that they’re there every time you use your Vuly trampoline.

Trampoline utility accessories – Safety Skirt


The humble trampoline skirt has been a staple accessory on Vuly trampolines since our very first model. Not only does it prevent little ones and curious pets from being injured beneath the trampoline, it also adds to the symmetry of your Vuly.

The mesh of the net, mirrored by the mesh of our Safety Skirt, highlights the unique shape of your Vuly. This sleek accessory is also easy to attach and roll up, which means that it won’t stop you from trimming the lawn underneath!

Trampoline utility accessories – Anchor Kit


In the wild winds that we can often have in Australia, the piece of mind that comes with anchoring your trampoline to the ground is invaluable. Vuly’s Anchor Kit is specially designed for our Vuly2 and Classic trampolines, which means that every anchor slips on perfectly.

Our curved brackets and signature corkscrew design means that they’re incredibly secure once they’re in the ground. In fact, our anchors are four times as strong as regular anchors. Your trampoline won’t go anywhere with these little saviours!

Trampoline utility accessories – Ladder


While our Thunder Summer trampoline has a built in ladder, you may find that your kids need a little extra help getting into their Vuly2 or Classic trampolines. That’s where our reliable Ladder comes in; it easily slips over the frame and is so light, even the kids can move take it off and move it.

With steps that are extra deep, as well as a slip and rust-resistant finish, Vuly’s cleverly engineered, low-angle Ladders are safe for bouncers of all ages.

Trampoline utility accessories – Thunder Wheels


A newer utility accessory in our range, the handy Thunder Wheels allow you to move your Thunder trampoline with just a few lever pulls and a little push. It may be a heavy trampoline, but our smart Wheels use energy so economically that you can almost effortlessly lift any size Thunder.

No grass is safe from the lawn mower and no shady area will go un-utilised when it’s this easy to move your trampoline. You might just shift your Thunder because you feel like a change!


We’re always researching (and developing) new accessories that can improve your Vuly experience. What products would you like to see available?
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