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Trampolines Dandenong

--- This blog was generously donated by Rod Donegan, owner and operator of Trampolinesoz in Ocean Grove and Dandenong, Victoria ---

"Trampolinesoz have been stocking and selling Vuly Trampolines in Victoria for over 18 months. We now have two locations Dandenong and Ocean Grove. While the convenience of being able to purchase trampolines from our online shop at our website suits many buyers, others prefer to try before they buy. At both of our locations we have a Vuly Trampoline set up and ready to test and view. Trampolines can also be picked up from either location saving customers delivery costs.

Tramplinesoz started as a result of our background in the fitness industry. After researching for exercise equipment for our personal training studio and for people to use at home we couldn't go past the rebounder or mini trampoline. The added health benefits of bouncing on a soft surface coupled with the overall fitness benefits of regular cardio sessions convinced us that rebounding would help our clients. We have been designing and selling our own rebounders for over 7 years. We sell to the home user via the internet, for their own fitness and/or health needs. We also supply to Naturopaths and other alternate health professionals who use them for the various health benefits including the lymphatic and immune systems.

An exciting area of research is looking at the benefits of bouncing for children and how it can help learning. The research has found that rebounding fires up the brain in the most alert and concentrated state for learning, and memory retention by sending messages from the muscle and joint receptors to the brain. Rebounding increases arousal, attention and concentration, by placing the brain in the' just right' state of learning. As they rebound every cell in the body undergoes the fullest excursion in size, as a result of fully compressing and expanding as bouncing occurs. Proprioceptive drive is increased by 400% as a result of rebounding.

The great thing about this is that children love to bounce and what better place to do that than outside in the fresh air on a Vuly Trampoline."

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trampolines dandenong
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