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Installing Your Trampoline

The thought of installing a trampoline may seem a little daunting, but relax --- it's actually much easier than it looks.

There are so many resources available to you when you are trying to install your trampoline. If you're having trouble, you may not have considered all of your options.

Here are the most helpful resources you can use when trying to install your trampoline:


Refer to the instruction manual

Most trampolines feature a list of directions that can help you.  Some provide just written instructions. Others, such as Vuly Trampolines, feature text and full-color pictures to aid you in your installation process.


See if there are printed directions on the box

Sometimes, trampoline manufacturers choose to print the instructions on the box, rather than use a manual. Carefully inspect all sides of the box to ensure that you have not missed the instructions.


Call the customer service hotline

Some trampoline companies, like Vuly, have customer service operators that can help you with your installation questions. Customer service hotline numbers are usually located on the box or on the instruction manual.


Refer to the instruction video

High-quality trampoline institutions, like Vuly, may feature an instruction video that depicts the entire installation process as it happens. Vuly's installation video was created by our team of engineers and is performed by a trampoline installation specialist. See our trampoline instructional videos.


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