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Trampoline games and activities to keep your kids entertained this summer!

With Christmas just around the corner (yikes!), many parents are dreading the quickly approaching summer holidays and the thought of having their kids cooped up at home for weeks on end.

Keeping your little ones entertained this summer doesn’t have to be as hard as you think – in fact, with just a trampoline in your backyard and some creative games and activities in your arsenal, you won’t be able to get them back inside. While starting with a Vuly Basketball Set creates the fun instantly, there are plenty of other imaginative games out there.

Get outdoors and soak up the sunshine with these fun trampoline games that are perfect for your trampoline from Vuly Play!


Ball games – Soccer

Ball games are a lot of fun no matter how old you are; we won’t blame you for getting involved yourself!

Soccer is easy to play and can keep your little ones entertained for a good couple of hours. Use the net poles as goal posts, give each player a goal space to protect, throw a soccer ball in and the first one to kick X number of goals, wins!

Remember: We don't recommend more than one bouncing user on the trampoline at a time. Since it's a game of soccer, keep it limited to two, and make sure that there’s always an adult supervising.

Ball games – Poisonball

If traditional ball games aren’t really your thing, poisonball is also a great one to play; it'll get everyone active and jumping – one at a time.

For poisonball, throw a bunch of balls on the trampoline. The chosen player must avoid touching them while they jump. The balls will, of course, roll around unpredictably, which makes for a lot of fun.

Record their time on the trampoline, and when a ball touches them, they’re out and the next person gets on. The winner is the player with the longest bounce-time!

Ball games – Dodgeball

For a safer, trampoline version of dodgeball, allocate one child to the trampoline, while the rest are on the ground around the trampoline. You can have as many kids playing this game as you want, but they'll have to rotate turns; you don’t want ten players all running around on the trampoline and throwing balls at each other!

Give one or two soft balls to the kids on the ground, and have them jump and throw over the enclosure at the kids on the trampoline – while the bouncer jumps around and tries to avoid getting hit.

If the person who's in gets hit by a ball, they have to swap positions with the one who hit them. On a hot day, you can even add another level of excitement to this game by playing with water balloons or wet sponges instead of regular balls!

Water play


Nothing says summer like sprinklers, but we've got something even better! Get your kids in their swimmers and set up a Vuly Mister accessory on the wall of your trampoline for some cooling fun.

Mist will make the trampoline bouncier, but also a little more slippery; make sure that your children understand that they need to be more careful on the wet Jump Mat, and as always, there should be appropriate adult supervision.

Crack the egg

This one’s a classic! To play Crack the Egg, three players hop on the trampoline. We won't be doing any bouncing in this game, but it's still best to not have too many on the Jump Mat at once. Don't forget to make sure that an adult is always supervising!

One player is chosen to be the Egg, and they sit in the middle of the trampoline with their knees drawn up to their chest and their arms around their knees.

The other two players stand around the edge of the trampoline and push the mat up and down with their legs until the egg ‘cracks’ – releasing their arms from around their legs. Someone else then becomes the Egg and the game continues! The winner is whomever can stay uncracked the longest.

Creative chalk

Chalk goes surprisingly well with trampolines. Use it to draw a hopscotch court or obstacle course on the trampoline mat for the kids to play on, or just let them cover the surface around the pre-existing HexVex™ icons with their own colourful pictures.

When they’ve had enough of the chalk, it washes off quickly and easily with water.


Camp out


Trampolines make for great outdoor sleepovers on a warm, clear night. Set up your trampoline with a Shade Cover (or both) and bundle up the kids with sleeping bags, pillows, torches and some midnight snacks. They’ll love staying up late, star gazing and just talking with their siblings or friends. The soft trampoline mat will guarantee a comfortable sleep!

A backyard camp out is always a fun and memorable time, even if they do end up moving back into the house in the middle of the night.


What games do your kids love playing on your Vuly trampoline?

See our range of trampolines and accessories to unleash their creativity and keep them entertained all summer long!

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