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The Vuly Halo Effect

Thunder fans will notice that there’s a new addition to their favourite trampoline! We’ve been working hard to ensure that Thunder is the best possible version of its already incredible self, and we’re now proud to announce the addition of the Vuly Halo.

Halo is a unique addition to the backyard trampoline, and has been designed to add further aesthetic and structural support to Thunder. This component enhances the stability of Thunder’s net poles, to reduce the weakening sometimes associated with climbing and playing on them. It will also make the Trampoline Tent easier to use.

By developing an additional component that will now come as standard with any Thunder trampoline purchased, we continue to refine our designs and products for the benefit of our customers.

So, if you’re wondering why you’d possibly want to add another part to your already pretty perfect Thunder trampoline, here goes:

    1. Halo adds an extra level of structural support to Thunder. Just installing double glazed windows in place of regular ones, it just takes the extraordinary stability of Thunder to a new level.

    1. The additional of Halo doesn’t mean that Thunder’s net poles are weak. By adding an extra component to its design, we are helping to prevent the eventual wear and tear that may be associated with kids climbing on the outside of the trampoline. They were created to support bouncing on the inside of the trampoline, not climbing on the outside - but we know that curious young kids like to play in any way they can.

    1. Halo makes Thunder look gooooood. There’s no other trampoline on the market that has Halo. But really, there’s no other trampoline that uses leaf springs, has such a sturdy base and can offer the world’s best bounce. Halo just puts Thunder even further in front of the pack.

“Here at Vuly we pride ourselves on constant product development,” Vuly CEO Joe Andon says. “We want people to know that we are always thinking about the quality of their trampoline experience. If we create something to improve on that even more, we’re going to share it with our customers.”

All new Thunder purchases will come with Halo as standard, and existing Thunder customers will receive this new component as a free upgrade to their trampoline so nobody misses out. The Halo will easily fit onto an existing Thunder; you’ll just need a friend to help you out, and a ladder to stand on.

Our friendly sales team can answer any questions you may have about installing Halo, so feel free to contact them at sales@vulyplay.com or by calling 1300 667 514.

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