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Happy National Burrito Day!

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It’s that time of year again, where you have the perfect excuse to get your Mexican fix! Celebrated on the first Thursday of April, National Burrito Day gives homage to a favourite Mexican dish. A Tortilla wrap filled with beans, cheese, meat and chillis! Yum, I can practically taste it! The day, which was popularised in America has definitely reached down under, with popular Tex-Mex joints offering a range of deals on this day. 

But what does Vuly know about burritos? We sell Australia’s favourite outdoor play equipment!

Did you know it would take between 1hour and 10minutes to 1hour and 40minutes of a fun-filled trampoline session to burn off a standard burrito (considering an average burrito has 700 - 1000 calories)?

The way I see it, it’s 1hour and 30minutes of fun to healthily enjoy a delicious burrito! And that calculation means you could be burning 94 to 124 calories jumping on a trampoline for 10minutes.

But maybe bouncing isn’t your thing. Let’s compare this to other common everyday exercises.

Burning off those calories on National Burrito Day

To burn off an average burrito, you would need to

  • Run for 1hour to 1hour and 30minutes
  • Ride your bike for 1hour and 10min to 1hour and 40minutes
  • Do 2 hours and 25minutes to 3hours and 30minutesof Yoga!

So take your pick! At Vuly Play, it’s hard to pass up an excuse to spend an hour of fun on a trampoline


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