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Kicking the fads—Health trends worth ditching in 2017.

We’ve rounded up some of the worst health fads that have been floating around over the past year to remind you of how health should really be attained—lots of fresh produce, fresh air and physical activity! Breaking into a new, healthy 2017, let’s see the back of trendy fads like the following, and instead opt for a balanced and holistic approach to looking after ourselves and our families, the right way.

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Health trends worth ditching in 2017—Coconut oil

Coconut oil can be a beneficial household item, particularly when used on the body as a natural moisturiser, however the health trend of adding it to every meal has got to stop! Coconut oil actually lacks the omega-3 fats our bodies require, and is a serious source of saturated fat that is just as damaging to our insides as any other, so it’s worth limiting (not increasing!) your consumption of this product.

Health trends worth ditching in 2017—Weight loss tea

Many trendy detox or weight loss teas combine caffeine with diuretics, a potentially dangerous mix for consumers. These 'health' teas can result in serious dehydration, and if you’re not eating enough food with them, dizziness, fatigue and exhaustion. Remember, even all natural herbs and ingredients can have these negative side effects! Plus any weight you do lose when drinking these teas will return the moment you stop.

Health trends worth ditching in 2017—Gluten free diet

It’s pretty simple—if you don’t have a gluten or wheat allergy, there’s no health benefits to being on a gluten free diet. Gluten-containing grains like barley, rye and wheat are a healthy part of a balanced diet! Plus, just because something’s labelled ‘gluten free’ does not mean it is any healthier or more virtuous than it’s glutenous counterpart.

Health trends worth ditching in 2017—Waist trainers

Paraded by celebrities and influencers, waist trainers (the modern version of the archaic corset) have become a mainstream weight loss health fad. However, it’s been proven that these restrictive abdominal bands don’t offer any magical weight loss solution (other than sucking in your belly while you wear it), and can actually damage your insides!

Health trends worth ditching in 2017—Restrictive cleanses

Cleanses which cut out a large number of food groups (or food altogether!) are generally a no-no on the health front—any results you experience during the cleanse are quickly wiped away once you return to your normal lifestyle. Instead of opting for a restrictive cleanse, why not kick off your 2017 with a healthy version? Try cutting out processed foods, alcohol and sugary treats for a couple of weeks instead!

Health trends worth ditching in 2017—Meal replacements

Replacing real, nutritious food with a shake or bar is not a long term health solution, and often results in disappointment when you gain back the weight you lost whilst consuming them. Plus, they’re highly processed—a chemical-laden chocolate shake is nowhere near as goodness-filled (or delicious!) as a hearty, homemade lunch.

Rather than opting for the meal replacement trend as a means of weight loss, start with a healthier approach, like reducing portion sizes.

Which health fads are you saying goodbye to this year? We’d love to hear how you’re taking a more balanced approach.

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