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Beat Holiday Boredom (Part Three)

So, you've jumped and played and frankly, you're running out of obstacle course ideas. That's okay, because today we have even more trampoline games for your family to play.

Holiday boredom won't even stand a chance with these games, and they're a whole lot more fun than watching movies or playing video games all day.

Treasure Hunt

Small prizes such as wrapped chocolates, lollies, bouncy balls and collector cards can be hidden around the backyard, throughout the house and under the trampoline to create your very own treasure hunt. Set the rules before you start and make sure everyone has a chance at finding something, and your children will have a delightful time exploring and competing in a gentle way.

Unless you have an endless supply of tiny presents, this might be an occasional game – but it's a beautiful way to celebrate the spirit of the festive season and get the whole family playing together.


Let your kids' competitive streak run wild before they all want to watch different television shows at the same time, by creating mini championships for them to complete.

Some of the events could be:

The One-legged Hop

Each competitor takes their turn to complete as many bounces on one leg as possible before falling down or using their other leg. The person who can do the most without falling wins! Do this at least twice for each person so they use both legs.

The Jump & Twist

The person who can jump and twist 180 degrees the most times before falling down wins. Do this twice per person so competitors can try twisting to the left and right. Take some time to dismount from the trampoline after this game and be careful – there may be some dizziness involved! Spinning in the other direction can help to recalibrate your sense of balance.

Bottom Bounce

Competitors take it in turns to bounce only on their bums, without using their legs or hands – the person who can do this the most times without stopping (when you can't get off the trampoline anymore) wins.

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