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The fun never stops: EVEN MORE trampoline games!

Whether it’s an after-school activity on Monday, a play date on Wednesday or a birthday party on Saturday, your trampoline offers the perfect platform for an endless supply of high-energy games—no matter which day of the week it is!

Earlier this month, we added some fantastic new HexVex™ Games to your Vuly's repertoire, on top of all the fun ones in our trampoline manuals. Today, we share some new Vuly game ideas that don't use your HexVex™ Game Mat, but that are still designed to amp up the fun in your backyard.

Even more fun trampoline games – Bird in the Nest


All you need is a bag of light, differently-coloured plastic balls, and you’ll be set to play ‘Bird in the Nest’. This game combines treasure hunting, running and throwing, and who can't find something to like in all of those!

How to play:

    1. Select one player as the ‘Bird in the Nest’. The remaining players are ‘Runners’. Designate each runner a specific ball colour.

    1. Remove the Runners from the backyard. The bird must hide the coloured balls in garden beds, outdoor furniture, etc. The sneakier the better!

    1. Ask the Bird to sit inside the trampoline enclosure, when they're done. Bring the Runners back into to the backyard. When you say, 'Go!', the Runners must begin their treasure hunt to locate the balls of their colour.

    1. Each time a runner locates a one of their coloured balls, they must run it to the trampoline and throw it into the ‘nest’ for the Bird to collect.

    1. When the Bird shouts, ‘To the nest!’ (at their own discretion), the Runners must return to the trampoline for the counting. Whoever has the most of their coloured balls inside the nest is the winner. They then become the Bird for the next round.

Even more fun trampoline games – Bouncing Piggy in the Middle

The name gives it away, but this classic game is given a fresh twist thanks to a bouncy trampoline surface! We recommend using a small-to-medium soft ball for this game, and it's an ideal game for three players.

How to play:

    1. Position one player on the trampoline—in the middle of the mat—with the two others on the outside of the trampoline. The player in the middle is the ‘Piggy’.

    1. The Piggy must be bouncing, as the two outside players begin throwing the ball over the trampoline to one another, with the piggy attempting to catch it.

    1. The two outside players can slowly move their way around the outskirts of the trampoline to assist in confusing the Piggy, but they must always throw it over the trampoline. Once the Piggy catches it, the person who threw the losing ball is the new Piggy.

Even more fun trampoline games – Air Catch


Another ball-based game, ‘Air Catch’ is perfect for parents who would like to get involved in some outdoor entertainment with the kids. A tennis ball is the ideal size for use in this game, and it's best played with 2 players.

How to play:

    1. Position one player on the trampoline—in the middle of the mat—with the other player on the outside.

    1. The player on the outside starts with the ball, and throws it as high as they can above the trampoline enclosure.

    1. The player inside the trampoline must then time their bounce and aim, and try to catch the ball while they’re in the air.

    1. Each ball that they successfully catch while airborne is worth a point. Whoever achieves the most airborne catches in 10 throws, wins!


We’d love to know which trampoline games are favourites in your backyard. Let us know; we want to let everyone with a backyard trampoline know!

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