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Create a kids 360 challenge with their backyard playset!

Looking for exciting ways to make the most of your brand new Vuly backyard playset? A kids 360 challenge on the incredible Spin Swing is a ripping good time for children of all ages. All you need is a couple of competitors and a stopwatch—then it’s 360 time!

Create a kids 360 challenge with their backyard playset—The ‘360 minute challenge’

Based on a classic timed competition, the first backyard playset ‘360 minute challenge’ requires competitors to complete as many 360s on their Spin Swing as possible in a one-minute time frame. Have them climb aboard their swing, with their feet firmly planted on the board and hands tightly gripping the supplied aluminium handle, then start the timer.

It’s easy to keep track of the number of 360 swings if everyone in the group yells out the number together in unison (plus, it builds some competitive suspense!).

Create a kids 360 challenge with their backyard playset—The ‘360 wakeboard challenge’

The next competitive backyard playset 360 challenge involves the same one minute time frame, except this time competitors are battling against a wave of water from the backyard hose, representing the same wet conditions wakeboarders must contend with when tackling water-based 360s. Get the first competitor set, begin the timer, then gently spray the hose’s stream of water in varying directions for a whole lot of challenging fun.

And no need to worry parents, Vuly’s seriously durable double-galvanised, powder coated aluminium playset frame can withstand plenty of water without the risk of rusting or deterioration.

Create a kids 360 challenge with their backyard playset—The ‘reverse 360 challenge’

This backyard playset challenge isn’t for the faint of heart—the ‘reverse 360 challenge’ involves the same 360 swing movement, but back to front! Have the challenger face their body to the outside of the swing, reaching their arms back behind them and securely holding onto the aluminium handle. See how many they can complete in one minute.

We’d love to hear if you and the kids held your own 360 challenge with your Vuly backyard playset. Which was their favourite 360 move?

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