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The benefits of outdoor play for kids.

Playing on a Vuly trampoline or 360 swingsets isn’t just a whole heap of fun, this form of outdoor play actually has a host of valuable developmental benefits for kids. From a decrease in stress levels to improved social skills, you’ll be amazed to learn what some time playing in the fresh air could do for your children.

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The benefits of outdoor play for kids—Better health

The benefits of outdoor play for kids are wide and varied, but many of them come back to one vital area—better health. Playing outside amongst grass, trees, and plenty of green (such as in your backyard where your Vuly trampoline or 360 swingsets is set up) is said to have an incredible effect on stress levels for kids, greatly improving their general outlook and mental health. Even just looking at imagery of green, natural environments are said to be a brilliant way to decrease stress, so you can imagine the positive effects that active play in a green environment away from the pressures of school, homework, and routine is having on your children.

Another benefit kids enjoy while engaging in outdoor play is improved vision—getting their eyes away from screens and into natural light whilst focussing on a range of distances is a great way to prevent technology-related eye damage.

An added health benefit of outdoor play for kids is better to sleep cycles—being exposed to natural light kickstarts the body’s internal clock, allowing a natural wind-down once darkness falls. And of course, one of the hugest benefits to your child’s health will be the physical activity they experience while engaging in outdoor play—reduced obesity levels, a healthy heart, and all of the brilliant pluses that are associated with living an active lifestyle.

 Kids smiling and playing paper scissors rock game
The benefits of outdoor play for kids—Improved social skills

A benefit your child will experience during outdoor play is an improvement in their social skills. When kids engage in unstructured, creative play scenarios with other kids, they’re forced to interact, communicate and compromise. This vital communication and relationship-building skills will guide them well into their adult years.


The benefits of outdoor play for kids—A happier child

One of the greatest benefits of outdoor play is an overall happier child. Kids grow confidence as they engage in inventive, imaginary games in the outdoors, boosting their creativity and ability to make their own fun. The multi-sensory stimulation is far more fun than what the indoors has to offer, often improving kids’ attention spans and attitude in a multitude of situations, from the home to the classroom.

We’d love to hear any benefits of outdoor play that you’ve noticed in your children after they’ve been outdoors on their Vuly trampoline or 360 swingsets.


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