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Monkey Bars
Swing and spin in style!

Swing Swivel Set

Swing and spin in style!

*Compatible with Yoga Swing.

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Vuly 360 Yoga Swing Swivel Mechanism



Safety & Fun


Update your old Yoga Swing with the new 360 Yoga Swing Swivel Mechanism and spin and swing safely on your Vuly Max and Quest. It’s a new and innovative design that will reinvent what you can do on your Yoga Swing!


The Swivel Mechanism is an additional feature to ensure that customers have peace of mind when swinging on their Yoga Swing. It adds coupling between the steel joiner and the swing which enables one part to revolve without turning the other.


This results in a full 360 rotation, which provides extra safety for kids and younger users by reducing the possibility of the swing becoming tangled.



360 Yoga Swing



360 Yoga Swing

The Swivel Mechanism allows you to try your favorite aerial tricks in a 360-degrees turning motion.


When you're not practicing your 360 tricks, you can lay back and chill out with a good book while also easily turning yourself in the direction of your choosing, making it a versatile swing for the entire family.


Compatible with all Yoga Swings on a

• 360 Pro/Max Swing Set
• L/XL Quest Monkey Bars

Swivel Mechanism on the 360 Yoga Swing
Vuly cares about safety

Max User Weight


Class-leading warranties

Vuly guarantees that 360 Yoga Swing Swivel Mechanism is free of manufacturing faults and defects for:

2 year warranty

See our warranty policy for more information.


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