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5 Effective Trampoline Exercises For Adults

Trampolines don’t just provide hours of entertainment for children!

They also can provide effective trampoline exercise for adults.

According to a NASA research report, trampolining is almost 70 per cent more effective than other forms of rigorous cardiovascular exercise – such as jogging or running.

As both a low-impact and high-intensity exercise, trampolining can provide an excellent cardiovascular workout and support healthy weight loss.

With a variety of fun trampoline exercises for adults, there are plenty of compelling reasons to integrate trampolining into your fitness routine, including:

  • Enhanced coordination and core strength;
  • Improved muscle development and toning;
  • Better balance and posture;
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness;
  • Reduced impact on bones and ligaments.


Trampoline Exercises For Weight Loss

If you’re looking to include trampolining into your regular fitness regime, there are some easy workouts to get you started:

1) Simple Bouncing

In this traditional trampoline stance, arms and knees are bent slightly while you bounce up and down.

This simple movement will effectively burn calories, loosen joints and ligaments, warm-up your body, and prepare you for a high-intensity workout.

Lightly bouncing on the spot also offers an excellent method to cool-down after your workout is complete.

Test your fitness by bouncing on the spot for a 2-minute period. How many times can you bounce up and down? Check your results after a month, to see how your speed and agility has improved!


2) Star Bouncing

The star jump has traditionally been used in gymnastics or aerobics training – but it's much more fun on a trampoline!

Star jumps on a trampoline will develop cardiovascular fitness, endurance and coordination.

Aim for 30-60 second sets, with short breaks in between.

Start with your feet together and arms at your side.

Jump high in the air, separating your legs and lift your arms up to create the star position at the top of each bounce. Land in the same position as your starting point.

3) Side-to-Side Bouncing

This move seems simple enough, but will challenge your focus and concentration! Keep your feet together as you hop from left to right.

Repetitively jump side-to-side, and even front-to-back, with your feet together, landing and taking off at the same time.

Jumping side-to-side will improve your coordination, and provide gentle toning and conditioning throughout core muscle groups.

Try to complete as many sets as possible in 30-60 seconds, before having a short rest and starting again.

4) Jog Bouncing

The jumping jog provides the calorie burning effect of jogging, without the high impact stress on your knees and joints.

Start off with a few bounces to gain some momentum, then start to simulate a jog by landing on alternative feet.

Remember to lift your knees as high as you can and challenge yourself to complete a 1-minute interval (depending on your fitness level.)

Gradually increase the duration of each interval, to achieve a high-intensity cardiovascular workout

5) High-Knee Bouncing

Begin with a couple of traditional trampoline bounces to gain momentum.

Then, as you bounce higher, bring your knees to your chest at the top of the bounce. You can also alternate knees.

The higher you bounce, the more energy your body will use (and the more calories you will burn). Tuck your knees under your trunk for a more intensified core workout, that will also build stability and strength.

add Tips For Trampoline Exercise

These trampoline exercises for adults can aid in weight loss, build endurance and prevent lifestyle related disease, such as diabetes or obesity.

As with all outdoor activities, it’s important to remember a few handy pointers:

  • Keep a water bottle nearby, and stay hydrated throughout your trampoline workout.

  • Start with an achievable duration (such as a 20-minute workout for beginners), and gradually build intervals to reflect your fitness levels.

  • Ensure that you take adequate rest periods between exercise sets.

  • Warm up and cool down with a simple bouncing sets.

  • Practice sun safety. Wear a secured hat and sunscreen to protect from UV conditions.

  • Most importantly, have fun!


We hope you find these trampoline exercises for adults practical and useful!

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