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Foldable Scooters


Most scooters these days can be folded and is great for portability and convenience. Scooters that fold add another reason why you should consider making the switch of adding a scooter to your lifestyle.

Scooters that have the ability to fold have a mechanism located near the deck and front wheel, allowing the scooter to “fold in half” making them compact for storing and easy to carry.


Watch this space for Vuly's new range of premium foldable scooters


Foldable Scooters for Kids

Kids foldable scooters are great for portability and storage. Vuly Play’s kid’s scooters include their electric scooters, 3-wheel scooters and toddler scooters. Folding Scooters are great when travelling or going on a family vacation. You can fold it up, keep it all in one piece and store it conveniently. This is much easier than dealing with scooters that need to be taken apart or scooters that don’t fold at all!

Foldable Scooters for Adults

It’s almost essential for adult scooters to be foldable. Adult scooters are used for more practical purposes and having a scooter that folds allows it much easier for scooters to slip seamlessly into your daily routine.

The benefits of foldable scooters?

Foldable scooters have a range of benefits, whether they’re kids scooters or adults scooters.

Benefits of a foldable kids scooter

  • Storage – If you’re worried about the amount of space your kid’s scooter can take up, foldable scooters are compact and can be stored in small spaces in your house or garage.
  • Portability – Take your kids folding scooter anywhere you go. Fold it up and chuck it in the boot. Your kids will be able to ride their scooter at home, by the beach or on a family vacation.

Benefits of a foldable adult’s scooter


  • Storage – like a foldable kids scooter, foldable scooters for adults are great for space-saving solutions. Adult scooters are generally much bigger and “chunkier” so ensuring you have the right storage plan in place is essential.
  • Portability –Folding e-scooters are a great travel companion anywhere you go. You could be travelling for business and your scooter would have no problems coming on the trip with you. They are also great if you want to bring your adult scooter on family vacations.
  • Park and carry – For riders that use a commuter scooter for work, having one that’s portable is essential. If you’ve reached some stairs, you can simply fold your scooter up and carry it with ease.

Things to consider when buying a foldable scooter

Although foldable scooters are a favourite choice, they’re not for everyone. If you’re looking to take your scooter to the skate park and do some tricks, a foldable scooter may not be for you. This is what pro scooters were designed for.

Buying a high-quality folding scooter


Most of Vuly Play’s range of scooters are foldable. From kids to adult folding scooters. 

We guarantee you will be buying from a team that has award-winning designs like our premium swingsets. Registering your foldable scooter will make you eligible for our industry-leading warranty.

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