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Yoga... on your trampoline!

When we think of yoga, most of us picture deep breathing, slow stretches and flowing movements on a mat on the floor... but a trampoline? It’s certainly not the first image that springs to mind (sorry about the pun). However, your flexible trampoline mat is a fantastic base for yoga. Not only is it gentle on your joints, the surface is soft and supportive, providing the ideal place to stretch and work out.

Mix up your current yoga routine by trying it out on your backyard Vuly trampoline! Have a go at our quick, yoga beginner sequence, which will quieten the mind, warm the muscles and boost flexibility—all without having to leave your home.

Yoga on your trampoline – Resting pose (Savasana)


Begin your trampoline yoga routine with Savasana—or the corpse / resting pose. Lie on your back in the middle of your trampoline's mat. With your arms gently resting beside you, your fingers and toes naturally curling, and your eyes closed, begin deeply breathing in and out through your nose.

Take as long as you like in this position; there is no 'correct' time limit. You should feel serene by the time you are finished, and you should be maintaining your deep breathing.

Yoga on your trampoline – Child pose


Focus on breathing deeply in and out while on your trampoline, and then roll onto your stomach with your knees pulled in towards your chest. Extend your arms straight out above your head, and gently relax into the stretch—letting them fall naturally.

Your forehead should be resting on the trampoline mat, and your eyes should be closed. Hold for the next couple of minutes.

Yoga on your trampoline – Cat pose


From the child pose, bring your hands to either side of your body and push yourself up on your trampoline. Your body should look almost like a table, with your straight abdomen propped up by your knees and hands. Make sure that you maintain your deep breathing.

To prevent any neck strain, hold your head in a neutral position, where it’s most comfortable. Hold for a minute or so.

Yoga on your trampoline – Downward dog pose


From the cat pose, move into the Downward dog, which involves stepping out both feet behind you and extending them so they are straight on your trampoline. Your arms should be extended in front of you, and your body should be resting on flat hands.

Make sure that your bottom is high in the air and that your legs are properly balancing on your toes. While deeply breathing into this stretch, pull your heels gently towards the mat.

Yoga on your trampoline – Rag doll pose

Move your feet in together, then slowly bring your hands off the trampoline mat. You should now be standing on both feet, with your top half curled in towards your knees. Bring your arms in—your hands gently cradling the opposite elbow—and breathe deeply into the stretch.

Allow gravity to pull you down towards the ground. You should feel warmth through your back and the back of your legs.

Yoga on your trampoline – Half-moon pose

After holding the rag doll pose for a minute on your trampoline, gently release your arms and slowly roll back into a straight standing position. After a couple of deep breaths, raise your arms above your head, joining your hands in a point.

Exhale, and gently bend to one side—creating an arc with your upper body. Hold for a minute, then return to your standing position, and repeat on the opposite side.

Yoga on your trampoline – Arm raises

To finish your sequence, return to a neutral standing position. While inhaling, draw both arms up to above your head, and release back down to your sides on your exhalation. Repeat four more times.


We’d love to hear about your trampoline yoga experiences. Which are your favourite poses to practise on your Vuly?
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