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Why you should consider the 'lunch break workout'.

Many of us could find an excuse as to why exercising in our assigned lunch break is too tricky. Is it because you don’t want to have to shower and get ready for a second time that day? You find yourself too snowed under at work? Or your colleagues will think it’s strange? Despite the number of reasons not to, there’s no denying that this time of day is a winner where your workout is concerned. Tune in to discover why you may need to reconsider the lunch break workout

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Why you should consider the 'lunch break workout'—1. It works with busy schedules

If you’ve got children then you’ll understand the difficulty with fitting in a workout before and after the school drop off, not to mention the myriad extra-curricular activities the kids may also need to be taxied to. Lunch break workouts are a fantastic solution for busy parents, as it gets your daily exercise quota in while the kids are being supervised elsewhere. Hello, free mornings and afternoons!


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Why you should consider the 'lunch break workout'—2. It boosts productivity

People who exercise during the day have reported boosted productivity in their work, as they rush from their workout keeps them firing right through the usual 3 pm slump. Some people choose to begin work earlier in the day to allocate themselves a longer midday workout slot, too, which can also be a great idea—some of your most productive hours are in the early morning when the office is quiet.


Why you should consider the 'lunch break workout'—3. It’s a natural stress release

Working out during your lunch break is also a great way to naturally relieve stress, which many of us find we may need throughout the working day! Not only does a midday exercise session allow us to unwind and switch off from work for the duration, but it improves our mood for when we return to the office. No wonder global companies like Google encourage their employees to undertake lunch break workouts.


Why you should consider the 'lunch break workout'—4. It assists with weight loss

Our bodies often don’t feel like large meals after a solid workout, so you may find you naturally eat less throughout the day if you incorporate a lunch break session. Plus, your metabolism will be boosted for the remainder of the afternoon, burning more calories than it would otherwise.

Let us know if you’ve ever incorporated lunch break workouts into your workweek. How do you find breaking up your workday with exercise?

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