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Exhausted or just lazy? Knowing when to skip your workout or power through.

All of us at some point or another have approached workout time and thought “I just can’t be bothered”. With a 101 excuses available to us for skipping a workout, ‘feeling tired’ would be top of many people’s lists. But how can we tell if our bodies are truly crying out for some rest? Today we discuss the telltale signs of exhaustion you should keep a look out for, and when you might just need an extra push to get your workout done.

Knowing when to skip your workout or power through—Signs you’re feeling lazy

Many of us are juggling multiple stressors during our day—from busy work schedules, to raising a family, to being a good friend, daughter, brother… the list is endless. So when it comes to fitting in a workout amongst a day of demands, it’s natural for us to want to put exercise on the back burner.

If you’ve found yourself blowing off your workout for an afternoon of channel surfing on the couch one too many times, it may be worth asking yourself if laziness is getting the better of you. Scientists have found that exercise can actually boost energy levels and encourage a positive mindset, so it’s worth remembering that once you get going you can actually counteract any feelings of sluggishness.

If you’ve been getting adequate sleep, have been eating well and juggling your average workload, then it’s safe to say that laziness could be behind your lack of motivation when it comes to skipping your workout. If you’re feeling lacklustre about getting moving, we suggest stepping outside into the fresh air and simply going for a walk—you’ll be amazed at how much more alert and energetic you feel simply after a few minutes.

Your Vuly trampoline is also a fantastic way to kickstart your workout—bouncing out in the fresh air is sure to get those endorphins flowing. Then again, who wouldn’t be happy bouncing on a trampoline?!

Knowing when to skip your workout or power through—Knowing when to sit it out

If you’ve been suffering from broken sleep, have been going through a particularly difficult period or haven’t been fuelling your body as you should (skipping meals or not drinking enough water) then it may be worth postponing your workout.

The key to knowing if your body’s truly exhausted usually involves physical signs such as a lack of balance, feeling clumsy, light headed or not as strong as you usually are. If you notice yourself bumping against walls and tripping over your own feet, then a workout could actually present a danger to you.

Furthermore, pushing your body when it’s hit its limits can actually set you back for days to come—rather than struggling through a mediocre workout for days in a row, enjoy a much needed rest day so you can come back revived and ready to achieve your fitness goals.

Do you allow yourself to skip your workout and enjoy a rest day every now and again? What’s your favourite way to rejuvenate?

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