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Vuly trampolines lead the way on safety standards

At Vuly, we understand that there's nothing more important to parents than the safety of their children. It's why we take the wellbeing of those who use our trampolines seriously, and why we invest in researching and developing the most secure and trustworthy products on the market. 

In Australia, there is no mandatory safety standard for the design and manufacture of trampolines for recreational use. We don't think that this is acceptable. Australian families should be able to buy with confidence, certain that a product that their kids will spend hours on (and which has the potential to cause injury if not properly designed) is to the standard that they expect.

Vuly trampolines and AS:4989


AS:4989 is the voluntary standard held up by the peak body, Standards Australia, for backyard trampolines sold in this country. The Standard itself is quite comprehensive: ensuring that the product has structural integrity, stability, sufficient UV performance on its enclosure, protection from entrapment, adequate impact absorption and more. 

Vuly trampolines – with their long lasting and supportive nets, strong frames and advanced padding or springless systems – all exceed this Standard. We would expect that many models out there do not. Be especially wary of any trampoline that position their spring system inside the enclosure: that's a contact zone right under your feet! 

The Standard also specifies a very stringent test for the manufacturer to claim a particular weight capacity. To assert a rating of 150 kg (as all Vuly trampolines do) under AS:4989, the trampoline must be assessed to hold a static weight of FIVE TIMES its claimed weight capacity – and suffer no permanent damage. This means that all Vuly trampolines have been tested for a 750 kg static load to no adverse effect.

Many manufacturers list an arbitrary weight rating, without having met this tough evaulation.

Advocating for mandatory standards


This highlights to us here at Vuly that there is a sore lack of mandatory testing for trampoline products. Our competitors don't have to meet minimum requirements before releasing their trampolines to market, and this could be putting families in danger. 

Vuly founder, Joe Andon, has long advocated for compulsory standards that go beyond AS:4989 – for the requirements of longer-lasting nets and zero contact points. There are always improvements to be made to these safety standards – to reflect advancing technology and changing community expectations – but, at the very least, what we have now should be required and not voluntary. We believe that our products would meet any tougher standards. 

The public shouldn't have to rely on subjective and ambiguous claims from manufacturers or reviewers to find out whether a product is fundamentally safe to use. We stand by our trampolines and firmly believe that they're the safest around.


Don't risk it! When you're looking to purchase a trampoline, find out if the manufacturer can provide proof for their claims of safety. 

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