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Vuly Trampolines’ beginners guide to breaking into exercise.

If you’re not a regular exerciser, introducing a fitness regime into your life can be challenging. It’s hard to know what to do, how much to do and when to do it if you’ve never dabbled in the fitness world before. Today we shed some light on exercising for beginners, explaining the basics and giving you the foundation knowledge you need to know to turn this new venture into a lifelong habit. 

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Vuly Trampolines’ beginners guide to breaking into exercise—Preparation

New habits aren’t formed in a day, so it’s vital that you set yourself up for success. Before launching into a brand new exercise routine, take some time to assess your current lifestyle and set some realistic goals. When will be the best time for you to exercise each day? What’s an achievable amount of daily exercise? Will you need to make some dietary changes too? 

Engaging a professional such as a personal trainer in these early stages can take a lot of the guess work out. But if you’re flying solo, getting yourself familiar with fitness terminology (for example, knowing the different between reps and sets!) and basic exercises is a great way to kickstart your journey.

Vuly Trampolines’ beginners guide to breaking into exercise—Go slow

It’s been proven that if you launch into exercise with all guns blazing, hitting the gym too hard and ending up sore and tired, you’re far less likely to stick at it. Changing your lifestyle won’t happen overnight, so start slowly and ease your way in. Don’t compare your exercise routine to what other people are doing—we are all at different stages of our journey. Instead, focus on the small steps you can make each day to move towards your personal goals.


Vuly Trampolines’ beginners guide to breaking into exercise—A positive mindset

A healthy approach to exercise doesn’t include guilt, shame or negativity. You need patience, persistence and positivity to overcome any obstacles which may arise, which in many cases can only occur with a mindset shift. You should feel proud of yourself for taking the first step, and be mentally prepared to fall off the bandwagon at some point—it happens to everyone! Daily mantras and positive self talk during exercise will work wonders.

Vuly Trampolines’ beginners guide to breaking into exercise—Set yourself challenges

Once you get going and find yourself in a regular exercise routine, don’t simply become complacent. Challenges and goals are the key to keeping yourself motivated. Whether it’s the number of push ups you can complete in one minute, to actually making it to the gym when a big working week has you down and out, to competing in a half marathon, setting yourself small challenges as well as big goals is the best way to keep yourself moving forward.

*Tip: They say the key to starting a new exercise regime off on the right foot is to find something you enjoy, and what could be more enjoyable than bouncing on your Vuly trampoline?! Begin with 15 minutes of bouncing a day to get yourself started, then mix things up with one of our many trampoline workouts (here, here and here)

We’d love to hear from you if you’re new to exercise. How are you staying motivated and committed?

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