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Vuly talks good posture—The key to optimal health.

It may not be the most obvious link to our health, but posture matters! Experts say that poor posture can have a significant effect on our bodies in more ways than one. From digestive issues to joint pain to recurrent injury, bad posture has the potential to undo an otherwise healthy lifestyle. Today we take a closer look at the causes of bad posture, and how you can solve this pesky problem.

Vuly talks good posture—Just what is posture?

Posture describes your body’s alignment when the force of gravity is applied. It refers to both sitting and standing, and has a lot to do with the spine. Having your body correctly aligned, and therefore displaying good posture, allows your body to function optimally—you will endure less fatigue, less stress on muscles and joints as well as reduce your chance of injury.

Good posture also means that each of our internal organs is sitting where it should be, and that our lungs and diaphragm are comfortable. This can have a significant effect on the quality of our digestive and respiratory systems, as well as our overall wellbeing.

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Vuly talks good posture—What causes bad posture?

So how can we fall into the trap of bad posture? Firstly, throughout our lifetime many of us will develop bad habits. These include slouching over our computer screen, slumping on the couch while we watch TV or leaning on one leg when we stand. These habits, when completed time and time again, can accumulate and cause a case of bad posture. And with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, this problem is becoming more and more common.

Accidents and injury can also be responsible for sparking bad posture in an individual. Favouring one side of our body or not being able to enjoy our regular functionality can throw out our alignment, which usually requires professional assistance to be correctly restored.

Lastly, badly designed furniture or interior spaces can result in cases of bad posture, as they aren’t ergonomically suitable and supportive of our bodies natural form and movements.

Vuly talks good posture—How can I ensure I have good posture?

There are plenty of ways you can ensure that you and your family don’t develop bad posture through everyday activities. Firstly, get your body moving! Building a strong core and network of support muscles will help you to stand straight and strong naturally.

It’s also important to reassess your home and work zones. Ask yourself how you’re likely to stand or sit in the space and question, “Do I need a higher chair?”, “Should my computer screen be raised?” or “Should I use a lumber cushion for support?”. And if you do think your posture has diminished, see a professional who can provide the correct treatment plan.

Do you find that you’re more likely to show signs of bad posture during sedentary activities, like watching TV or being on the computer? Let us know how you’re changing up your spaces to prevent bad posture.

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