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Vuly’s summer trampoline tips.

Australian summer... a combination of sweltering heat, harsh sun rays, and plenty of humidity. Although your Vuly trampoline may be designed for the conditions of this Aussie season, the little ones that jump on it may not be so naturally equipped!

Today, we share our top tips for protecting your kids on their trampoline throughout a sizzling summer.

Vuly’s summer trampoline tips – Protect

Our top tip for keeping the kids safe on their trampoline throughout summer is to, of course, 'protect'. During the summer season, our backyards can reach very high temperatures and see strong UV rays in the hottest parts of the day: 10 am to 3 pm. It’s best to avoid spending too long on your trampoline during this time. 

Sun protection is a must, especially if your kids are bouncing during peak UV periods this summer. Apply plenty of sunscreen to exposed skin, pop on a hat, and ensure that they’re wearing a sleeved t-shirt. Don't forget about sensitive areas, like lips and eyes! Ensure that they're wearing sunglasses and lip balm that contain an SPF.

Vuly’s summer bouncing tips – Hydrate

Ice blocks.jpg

During the hot weather in summer, kids can quickly become overheated and dehydrated. Avoid potential health emergencies, and follow our second tip for trampolining in summer: ‘hydrate’. Cold drinks reduce your core body temperature; if the kids are hot and sweaty, provide them with plenty of icy cold water. 

Homemade icy poles are also a healthy, summery way to keep the kids cool. Use super hydrating coconut water or watermelon juice as your base, then add tasty fruits like berries or kiwifruit for flavour.

Vuly’s summer bouncing tips — Limit


Our final tip reminds parents to ‘limit’ the number of time kids bounce on their trampoline during peak summer temperature hours. Keep a close eye on the little ones, and if they’re starting to get drenched with sweat or red in the face, it’s probably time for a break. 

Alternatively, use our Vuly Mister accessory throughout the day. Dress them up in togs and protective rash shirts, and have them bounce through the fine water mist. Not only is it lots of fun, but it will keep them cooler for longer this summer.

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