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Vuly’s Summer Essentials

Summer is just around the corner and don’t we all love a bit of sunshine? With warm and long days, kids usually tend to get restless around summer. Keeping kids involved in physical activities is very essential for their growth and development of mental and social skills.

Make sure your kids are well prepared for outdoor play in summers by ensuring

They apply sunscreen whenever stepping out in the sun.
They wear caps/hats or sunglasses.
They carry water bottles and rehydrate regularly.
Look for signs of heat exhaustion.

Vuly Play strives to push limits and design products which are innovative, fun and most importantly safe. Some of our products and accessories have amazing utility, especially during summers! Keep your kids active, healthy and invested in outdoor play with Vuly products!  

Water Mister
The Vuly Water Mister can be attached to any trampoline, swing set or monkey bars. It is the best way to stay cool when playing in your backyard. The water mister disperses fine droplets directly onto the chosen area unlike most sprinklers that disperse jets of water. The water mister is an absolute must-have especially during the summer season. 

Beach Wagon Cart
Summer in Australia is arguably the best time to go to the beach. The Vuly beach wagons are made from high quality materials for any terrain and are equipped for kids and cargo alike. With a UV-resistant shade cover and suitable for up to 80 kg, you can pull along your kids and carry beach essentials, without any hassle. With six stylish designs to choose from, you will stand out from the crowd on your next beach trip! 

Kids’ Bikes
Kids' bikes have been an Aussie favourite for outdoor play for decades! Bikes are a great way to promote an active and healthy lifestyle and Vuly has a wide range of bikes suitable for kids of all ages.

- Balance Bikes - Age 2 to 4
- 12” Classic Bikes - Age 2 to 4
- 16” Mountain Bikes - Age 3 to 6
- 20” Mountain Bikes - Age 6 to 9
- 24” Mountain Bikes - Age 8+
- BMX Bikes - Age 8+

Skateboarding is not only a fun activity but it also has many health benefits such as

- Physical endurance
- Relieve stress
- Teaching resilience
- Improving coordination of body parts
- Improving pain tolerance
- Maintaining an excited mind

Shade Covers
With extreme temperatures and harmful UV rays, it is very important to look after your kids’ when they are doing any outdoor activities. Vuly has shade covers for all sizes and models of Trampolines, monkey bars and swing sets. With protection from the sun and harmful rays, you can worry less when your kids are playing outdoors. The shade cover allows cool airflow and protects the jumping mat from getting dirty. Furthermore, the shade cover comes with a warranty of 2 years. 

Bed Swing
A slow swing and a good place to rest can do wonders to regenerate young minds and calm their worries. The Bed swing is easily attachable to any Vuly swing set and can hold up to 80 kg user weight. 

Relax and unwind yourself under the warmth of the sun on Vuly’s Bed swing. 

Jump League
Vuly’s Jump League integrates physical activity and technology to encourage kids to engage in outdoor play more regularly and for longer. Simply place the Flex Band on your ankle, connect to Bluetooth on your phone and start competing with players around the world in the kid-friendly Jump League app! The Smart Activity Tracker will measure all the flips, tricks, and jumps you do so you can compete with friends, challenge yourself, and smash your personal bests! 

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