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Guide to Spring Wellness 2021

Spring is on our doorstep! Longer days, warmer weather and plenty of sunshine mean that we'll be heading outside more often and changing up our cosy winter routines. We've spoken before about heat-friendly exercise routines, but during these not-too-hot-or-cold months, you can really incorporate a diverse range of wellness regimes.

Today, we give you some great ideas on how to be reborn this spring; say goodbye to your winter hibernation and hello to a whole new season of health.

Spring back into exercise

If you’ve let your exercise routine wane throughout winter, now's the ideal time to give it a due spring clean! Begin by setting yourself some achievable goals, like working out three times this week or having a jump on your Vuly after work. Ease yourself back in; going too hard too fast can actually be a setback, making it more difficult to start a regular routine.

It takes around three weeks to solidify a new habit; making small changes is the best way to ensure that you stick to a habit. Slowly take up weight training – which can cause injury if you’re not used to it – and gradually increase your cardio to prevent burnout. A great way to maintain motivation is to track your results; set yourself personal bests, weight loss goals, or new workouts to master to keep yourself engaged.

Finally, make the most of spring! Head outdoors and explore new areas. Exercising in nature is not only great for our physical health, but for our mental health too.

Getting your skin spring-ready

Many of us struggle with skin issues throughout winter – from dry, chapped lips to flaky and dull faces. Cold weather is certainly not our skin’s friend! Prepare for the seasonal change by investing in a facial to correct any dryness and damage. If you’re doing a facial at home, remember that exfoliation is key to revealing fresh new skin.

It might also be a good idea to switch your heavy, winter-suited moisturiser to a lighter option. Don’t forget to look for moisturisers that include SPF. More time outdoors means more exposure to damaging UV rays; a moisturiser with SPF is a simple way to protect delicate facial skin from day-to-day exposure.

Spring-ify your meals


With the warmer weather comes a change in seasonal produce and cravings for fresher, lighter foods. Spring-ify your meals by eating a rainbow of fresh fruit and vegetables during the day. If you struggle to get in your required intake, opt for juices and smoothies that pack in the goodness and taste delicious.

Ditch heavy wintery meals for salads, light pasta, fresh seafood and healthy rice dishes. As the weather warms, our bodies require less fuel to run, which means that lightening up your calorie intake is a good idea. Finally, fill your meals with plenty of seasonal, leafy greens! Spring is all about new growth in nature; take advantage of the abundance of nutrient-filled options on offer.

How are you preparing for spring? We’d love to hear any changes that you're implementing to make the most of the new season.

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