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Vuly BRW Momentum Mid-Market Finalist 2014

Vuly Trampolines has been announced as a finalist for the Momentum Mid-Market Awards. After a rapid expansion and the introduction of a market-changing new product, the Brisbane-based trampoline sensation has been shortlisted for two award categories: Innovation in the Mid-Market and Mid-Market Rising Star.

Innovation in the Mid-Market

Combining an already successful business with a revolutionary new product and a large-scale expansion into international markets, Vuly Trampolines has actively changed the culture of the Australian trampoline industry.

“From the beginning, we set out to create products that were the perfect combination of safety and affordability,” Vuly CEO Joe Andon says. “You don’t need to compromise one to achieve the other.”

The award-winning Thunder trampoline has a unique design that doesn’t compromise on anything. Offering an incredible lateral bounce, Thunder uses a suspension system previously reserved for cars, trucks and planes, and has a huge 150kg weight rating.

Hugely popular in Australia, Thunder is also in hot demand overseas. Vuly’s bayside operations in Brisbane have grown significantly over the last five years, and the company recently launched a global expansion that extends to the USA, UK, Canada and the Middle East. As part of this expansion, Vuly has signed an agreement with international giant Toys R Us, the world’s largest toy retailer. Vuly can now be found in the backyards of families all over the world.


Mid-Market Rising Star

When the then 19-year-old Andon started a fledgling trampoline company in 2007, he envisioned a company that pushed limits in every way imaginable. With the help of a team of ‘the best in the business’, Andon has realised that dream and achieved incredible success in the process.

Vuly Trampolines has now firmly established itself as one of the world’s premier manufacturers and retailers of recreational trampolines. Founded and based in Wakerley, Queensland, with a new office in California, USA, Vuly is at the cutting edge of trampoline safety technology worldwide and the brand is now recognised as a global leader in style and safety.

Andon’s passion lies in research and development, and the company’s innovation in the areas of safety and style is the result of countless hours spent in Vuly’s own testing laboratory. Coupled with a keen eye for business and an unwavering determination, Andon has been involved in all facets of the company from the beginning.

“Joe has an innate sense for business development that’s very positive and extremely contagious,” Vuly’s Global Business Manager, James Murphy, says. “The result is a team of staff that are all striving to create an unbeatable brand.”

Vuly congratulates all Momentum Mid-Market Awards finalists and looks forward to the announcement of the winners on August 28, 2014.

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