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Unwinding with your Vuly trampoline.

Your Vuly trampoline is the greatest source of activity in the backyard—it’s a gym centre, games arena, tent, cubby and bounce zone all in one! Did you know your Vuly is also capable of being a relaxing spot to wind down too?

Last week, we spoke about boosting your personal wellbeing through relaxation. Today, we want to look at some of our favourite ways to transform even your Vuly trampoline from an energetic hive of activity to a chilled-out haven.

Winding down with your Vuly – Stretching surface

Vuly’s flexible, supportive mat is the ideal place to stretch out. Unlike hard surfaces, the bouncy base provides a soft, comfortable area that protects your joints and prevents nasty bruising.

Drawing yourself out after a long day is great for loosening tight muscles and quietening the mind. Half-an-hour of twists and stretches on your Vuly will increase blood circulation and allow you to gently release the stresses of the day.

Winding down with your Vuly – Meditation pavilion


What better place to meditate than under the open sky with a soft breeze? Your Vuly is an ideal spot for your daily meditation; pop in a pair of headphones, click on a soothing track and position yourself in the centre of your Vuly mat for some zen time.

If you have trouble switching your mind off, lay horizontally and watch the clouds roll by. For some people, this can be just as effective as meditation at cleansing your mind.

Winding down with your Vuly – Reading zone


unwinding-vuly-trampoline-readingOne of the most popular ways to relax at the end of a busy day is by curling up with a cup of tea and a quality read. For those of us without the luxury of an outdoor hammock or day bed, your Vuly is the perfect alternative!

Grab a couple of outdoor cushions and a soft blanket, and you have yourself the ultimate outdoor reading nook. You won’t want to leave for hours.

Winding down with your Vuly – Stargazing 


Don’t think that your Vuly is off limits once the sun goes down! As darkness falls, it makes the most incredible star gazing platform. Bundle the kids up in socks and jumpers, grab a couple of sleeping bags and climb in!

Arm yourself with a telescope or a stargazing app, and set yourselves in for some calming and magical downtime.


How do you like to unwind with your Vuly? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks on how to make the most of your favourite backyard addition even when you don't feel like being active!
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