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If you’ve only got two minutes to exercise… Vuly’s guide to active living for the time poor.

Two minutes? No worries! Don’t underestimate how beneficial a couple of minutes of exercise can be once they’ve accumulated throughout the day. All you need is a small amount of creativity, and an even smaller amount of time…

If you’ve only got two minutes to exercise… In the shower

You might have never thought of your quick showers as potential exercise time, but we’re here to change that! We’ll admit, water and slippery tiles may not be the best combination for your average workout, but you can fit in some stationery ab toning easily and safely!

Grab your shampoo and conditioner bottles in each hand (these will be your ‘weights’) and complete some side bends and opposite foot toe touch exercises. The bigger the bottle, the better.

If you’ve only got two minutes to exercise… Walking to the bus stop

If you have a short walk to the bus stop, why not incorporate a few extra exercises along the way? You could switch it up by alternating between regular walking and tip-toe walking (fantastic for toning your calves!), or pace out some lunge steps every few metres for some serious lower body strength.

Work break.jpg
If you’ve only got two minutes to exercise… In between meetings

Stranded at your desk waiting for co-workers to arrive for that next meeting? Don’t let this precious time go to waste! Perch yourself on the edge of your desk before beginning some tricep dip exercises, use the back of your chair for balance as you complete a round of donkey kicks or sit at your chair for some ab-burning straight leg lifts.

If you’ve only got two minutes to exercise… Waiting by the car

The kids soccer training running late? While you’re waiting by the car get those limbs active. Try a couple of minutes of arm circle exercises, some squat jumps or, if you’re after a brilliant all-rounder, use the side of your car for some tip-toe push ups.

If you’ve only got two minutes to exercise… Finishing dinner in the oven

Rather than flopping down in front of the TV while you wait for dinner to cook, turn your kitchen into a mini exercise zone! Try setting a kitchen timer for some challenging lunge and squat holds, or a use couple of pans as weights for some bicep curls and shoulder flies. A heavy baking tray held above your head as you complete some high knee stepping is also a winner.

Let us know how you use your spare minutes throughout the day to stay active! What are your favourite quick exercises?

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