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More than just weight loss: Why trampolining is a great way to stay healthy.

There’s no doubt that we all want to look and feel healthy. However, can be hard to find the motivation to head to the gym, to pound the pavement or to pick up a recreational sport. Sometimes we’re even told that the exercises we are doing are suboptimal, or even wrong, for what we’re trying to achieve.

We’ve talked before about specific exercises that you can do on your trampoline, but have you ever wondered exactly why a trampoline is such a great, multifunctional workout tool? You’ve heard that bouncing burns calories, but today we’re diving into the many other ways that a trampoline is great for your exercise regime.

Why trampolining is healthy – It’s good for your heart and bones

trampolining-stay-healthy-heartTrampolining is a vigorous aerobic workout, which means that it increases the rate at which your heart pumps blood, and therefore oxygen, around your body. This strengthens the muscles of your cardiovascular system, and the boost in oxygen levels will make you feel more alert!

Repeated jumping also puts your bones under slight stress at regular intervals—after all, you are landing with twice the gravitational force! Like how a vaccine uses a small amount of a disease to protect you later on, this small amount of stress will improve your bone density, and help prevent bone disorders—like osteoporosis—later in life.

Why trampolining is healthy – It’s easy on your joints

trampolining-stay-healthy-jointsHowever, there is a big difference between slight stress and high impact. When you jog, play squash or perform regular jumping aerobics, there’s nothing to absorb the jarring force of your contact with the ground.

On a trampoline, you still get the benefits of a cardiovascular and musculoskeletal workout, but the mat soaks up over 80% of the impact on your joints. Vuly trampolines have perfect vertical bounce, so there’s also far less chance of sprains and twists.

Why trampolining is healthy – It’s toning, and builds muscles.

Your leg muscles have to work hard to counteract gravity and push you skywards. Intense, repetitive jumping means that your muscles contract and release more frequently than almost any other exercise. This increases their strength, and tones them at the same time.

Trampolining doesn’t just work out your leg muscles. Because you’re twisting yourself to stay balanced and move yourself in the air, you also train your stomach and core muscles. Throw in some simple exercises while you bounce, and you can fire up your entire body!

Why trampolining is healthy – It boosts your immunity


Your lymphatic system—which maintains your body’s fluid levels, filters out toxic material and is an integral part of your immune system—has no ‘pump’. It requires up-and-down body movement to move the lymph fluids throughout vessels inside your body.

Trampolining can increase lymph flow by up to 30 times because you’re alternating between weightlessness and double gravitational force. It reinforces your immune system, and helps your body to transport nutrients and cleanse itself of waste.

Did you start to feel more healthy when you started exercising on your trampoline? If you’re about to start, let us know how much better you feel!

We design our Vuly trampolines to be life-changing instruments as much as fun toys.

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